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Staying safe is something we all need to be aware of at any age, whether it's crossing the road, driving a car or using the internet. The Internet is an amazing tool that impacts on our daily life so it's important that we educate our children to be aware of both the benefits and the dangers of the World Wide Web.  


Below you will find links to the resources used by each year group. These resources have either come from or and are age-appropriate.


Mr Andrews, Computing Leader

 Please see below information around the latest MOMO craze:

Safer Internet Day 2019

Children across the Federation have thought about Safer Internet Day where they explored the theme "Together for a better Internet" 


Mr Andrews gave both the Infant and Junior Schools an assembly around this theme. 


See below some examples of our work. 

Fortnite Parents Guide

Instagram information for parents

Instagram information for parents 1