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They're on their way!

They're on their way! 1 Excited children and staff departed for JCA

Monday 16th - Team climbing!

Monday 16th October 6 pm


Our children have just finished dinner (Spaghetti meatballs tonight) and are about to go to gift shop. Very exciting!


Group 1 had zorb balling this afternoon and Taylor and Kelan were the perfect team. Harvey tried a fancy bicycle kick however unfortunately it failed him!!!


Film night tonight ready for a busy day tomorrow!

Tuesday 17th October


All the children were fast asleep by 10:30 last night with a few early morning risers who couldn't wait to start their day.


Everyone is very happy this morning  having had an early breakfast of scrambled eggs, beans, toast, cereals, chocolate croissants and fruit and are raring to go for a jam packed day of activities.



Afternoon Update


Group 1 have completed the aeriel trek.   Ella and Mia made it the whole way around which is a massive achievement, well done girls we are so proud of you!     


Lewis and Eloise conquered their fears and completed the abseil, despite both being very nervous they knew that mum would be checking the website and looking for photo's and this got them through it.   Well done we knew you could do it.


After demolishing tonight's burgers, everyone is getting ready for the disco! 

Raring to go!

Day 2, a busy day so far

Group 4 Dancing

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Group 5 Dancing

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Group 1 & 2 Feeling the Cold

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Wednesday 18th October - Day 3 is underway....


Last night’s disco was brilliant!     Loads of children dancing the whole night away with Lewis and Jayden showing off their moves and Miss Tamsett was doing the ‘worm’.   


The children slept through from 9 pm last night rising at 7 am for breakfast.   They are all up and ready to start another busy day.


Group 3 are currently team building and taking on the spiders web whilst Group 2 are on the aeriel trek.   Harrison has conquered some serious fear already today and has managed to get part way around the aeriel trek with Miss Tamsett's help.   Great work Harrison, we know your mum will be impressed.


Ella has also gone from refusing to try to now getting herself across the whole thing on her second go, nice one Ella!


Loir and Grace have absolutely smashed the grid of stones!  Their memories skills are amazing and they led the group through the activity extremely well.


The children have had a very busy day, conquering fears and taking the challenges set by the organisers.  So many activities rammed into the day, so many memories being made.  We are very proud of everyone and look forward to seeing what tomorrow brings.

Mrs O loves a boomerang!

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Thursday 19 October 


Busted quiz show last night, group 5 won after a head to head with group 4.   All children were sound asleep by 10 pm and weren't awake this morning!   Waffles with syrup for breakfast this morning and another fry up so they're all fed and ready to go.   Laser tag this morning = very excited children!


It's currently raining but that doesn't stop the fun at JCA!    The children have had another busy day and undertaken activities including tunnelling, sensory trail, multi vines and conquest!   Lots of fabulous pictures of the children having an amazing time.


Chicken nuggets for lunch and they were identical to McDonald's so everyone was very happy!  All the children are fine and dandy.  Campfire is cancelled tonight due to the rain so they're having an extra film night instead.   Pizza for dinner which Harvey is happy about because he's missing Dominos night tonight!!!  


Grace smashed the vortex today, Tia and Loir are rocking out in dance and Jayden has been covered from head to toe in mud after sensory trail!!  I'm sure mum is looking forward to your washing pile already!  Lara is in high spirits and Jess C hasn't stopped smiling all week!


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Friday 20th October


Last day! They watched Moana at film night last night. When it finished they were nearly asleep! All in bed by 9:30 and zonked out! Not too sure about their packing skills, we think we had a lot of parents do it for them first time round because some of them have no idea!


About to go for their last breakfast and then they will have the pleasure of stripping the beds before their first activity. Then lunch then it’s homeward bound! 


JCA held a little award ceremony presenting certificates for all our efforts and fear conquering this week.  The coach has now departed JCA heading home after a truly amazing week.   Updates on their arrival time will be sent by SMS to parents.

Picture 1
Picture 2 Last breakfast at JCA
Picture 3 Empty rooms, we're all packed and ready to go
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Last day and we're all packed!

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We've had an amazing week!

We've had an amazing week! 1