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Our School Councillors!

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At the beginning of each academic year, our School Council is elected democratically within the first half term.  Children who wish to be on the council have to persuade their year group they are the best representative for them.  Every class votes for a pupil to represent their views and opinions; all votes are anonymous.  Upper school councillors then run for chairperson and secretary. 


‘UN Convention on the Rights of Children Article 12:  Children have the right to say what they think should happen, when adults are making decisions that affect them, and to have their opinions taken into account’


The School Council meets on a regular basis and discusses suggestions, ideas and opinions from the school community.  For example, our children democratically make decisions on which charities they support, both local and national.  In addition, they share and discuss matters that will improve their school environment.  At all times the council aim to:

  • Involve the whole school community in developing and maintaining shared standards of behaviour

  • Promote responsibility by being part of decision-making

  • Improve communication structures within the school

  • Encourage children to become partners in their own education

Maria Miller visited the Infants 5.5.17

Maria Miller visited the Infants 5.5.17 1
Maria Miller visited the Infants 5.5.17 2
Maria Miller visited the Infants 5.5.17 3