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Travel to School

The Oakridge Schools Federation is constantly working hard to ensure the children's safety including at the start and end of each school day.  Due to recent very 'near misses' staff monitor the car park and actively address any parking issues as they happen and the car park has been much safer over recent months.  The schools are also in consultation with the School Travel Plan Team and are in the process of arranging a crossing patrol for Oakridge Road.


In order to make school a safer place we ask that parents consider the following;

  • Walk, scoot or cycle to school - both schools provide storage for scooters and bikes
  • Park and stride - park further away from school and walk the last part of your journey
  • When parking close to the school please consider the local residents; do not block driveways, do not park close to junctions, do not cause obstruction

Travel Plan

Key Dates



09 October

Walktober - Meet Basil Bird in the Whiteditch Playing Field to walk to school

13 October

Be Bright Day

w/c 15 May

Walk to School Week

w/c 03 July



Walk Once a Week

Park and Stride