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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2!


In Year 2 we have three teachers; Miss Rose in Class 7, Mrs Salter in Class 8 and Miss Coles in Class 9. 


We are lucky to have a team of talented support staff, Mrs Pike (HTLA) and Mrs Waters who help us with our learning.


Year 2 library day is Thursday.


PE days are as follows:

Class 7 - Wednesday & Friday

Class 8 - Monday & Wednesday

Class 9 - Tuesday & Wednesday



Please make sure your child has their PE in school at all times.

w/b 21st January


English: This week we will be writing our stories, based on 'How to wash a Woolly Mammoth.'  We have chosen our class animals (7 - terrifying polar bear, 8 - fuzzy panda, 9 - colossal blue whale) and will be writing instructions on how to wash them, including what we were taught last week to support us.


Maths: We are revisiting multiplication and division this week.  Please continue to practise counting 2's, 5's & 10's. If you would like to practise further please click on one of the links below: Level 2 (This game can also be used to practise addition and subtraction facts)


Alternatively, if your child enjoys listening to songs take a look at some of these times tables songs in order to practise your times tables facts. (2x tables) (2x tables - reggae version!) (5x tables) (5x tables - reggae version!) (10x tables) (10x tables - reggae version!)

w/b 14th January


English: We will be looking at the different grammatical elements of the story 'How to wash a Woolly Mammoth,' focusing on writing lists using commas (e.g. You will need: shampoo, conditioner and a hair brush) and using the possessive apostrophe (e.g. The mammoth's eyes)  Towards the end of the week we will begin planning our own stories!


Maths: We will be looking at positional and directional language; using words like forwards, turn, left & right moving on to naming and describing 3D shapes using the vocabulary vertices, faces, edges (e.g. a cube has 12 edges, 6 faces and 8 vertices)

w/b 7th January


Welcome back!  We hope you had a lovely break.  This week in Year 2...


English: We start our new learning journey "How to wash a woolly mammoth" which will lead us to writing our own instructional texts.  


Maths: We have moved on to time; we will be focusing on telling the time to the nearest whole, half and quarter.  To support us further we will be revising counting forwards and backwards in steps on 5.  

This week in Year 2 10th - 14th December:


English:  This week we have started a new poetry unit, based around the poem 'What is pink?' our end purpose being to write our own poem in a similar style.  We have been outside, looking at the natural environment and generating vocabulary relating to this.  Back in the classroom we have used this vocabulary to write sentences and learnt how to use prepositions e.g. The bare, tall trees are in the woods.  We have also looked at rhyming words and words with the suffixes er/est.


Maths: We have been adding and subtracting this week, including some work on missing number.  The children have been doing this by drawing their tens and ones or using an unstructured number line. Any further questions please ask your child's class teacher.

This week in Year 2:


English:  In English we have continued our journey 'You can't take an elephant on the bus.'  We have explored adventurous vocabulary, using 'leap' instead of 'jump,' for example and started learning about contracted forms (would not = wouldn't) and their use within writing.   We are nearing the end of this unit of work so will be completing our longer pieces of writing in the next week.


Maths:  This week we have been learning about fractions - halves, quarters and thirds.  We have been using shapes to support our learning, shading them in to certain fractions and writing what fraction they have been cut in to.  We will continue with fractions next week.


This week in Year 2:


English: We have started looking at the text 'You can't take an elephant on the bus.'  We used our prior knowledge and inference skills to discuss whether this would actually happen.  Next week we will move on to thinking of verbs to describe animals movements and adventurous vocabulary to describe what they look like.


Maths:  We have been dividing numbers by 2,5 and 10 in different ways; sharing in to groups by drawing, drawing array and using practical objects.  Next week we will be continuing with this before moving on to fractions.

What a great start to the year we've had!  We are so proud of how well the children have settled in and adjusted to life in Year 2.  We are still getting to know our new classrooms and have been enjoying using all the new outside space.  We can't wait for all that is to come! 


The Fire Service

We have a very exciting week ahead; the fire service are coming to visit us on Monday and we'll learn more about what they do and go on the fire engine!  Then on Friday the Treehouse Theatre Company are coming in to do some work with us about The Great Fire of London.  Check back next week for photos!

We have been loving TT Rockstars - this week we have been practising our 2 times tables.

We are loving our No Nonsense Spelling programme! We have been practising inside and outside the classroom!