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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!

Class 8 are taught by Mr Dave Tickle. 

Class 9 are taught by Miss Sinead Wilson.

The children are supported in their learning by Mrs Wendy Burge (HLTA). 


We ask that the children have their PE kits in school for the whole week as PE days can change last minute due to timetable changes. 

Curriculum Newsletter - Spring Term 2019

Creative Curriculum


This term we will be going on a 'road trip' around the North and South American continents. To begin this unit we will be looking at the countries which make up the North American continent identifying naturally occurring geographical landmarks including mountains, rivers and lakes. As we move through the unit we will be begin to explore some of the manmade landmarks and write our own travel book about the 'road trip'.


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In our first lesson on North America, we explored a range of different travel books, for places all over the world, to decide what we would need to include our own on the North American continent. We decided it would be important to have:

  • Maps of the countries on the North American continent
  • Maps to show the major physical features of the continent including some major cities
  • Information on average temperatures and rainfall
  • Key places to visit (man made and physical features)
  • Interesting facts 
  • Pictures of a range of places of interest
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

As part of this first lesson, we then began to explore which countries make up the North American continent locating some of the major cities and physical features of the continent including: rivers, mountain ranges and the Great Lakes.

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Today in our CC lesson, we have been learning more about the manmade features of the North America continent. Through this, we have been learning facts about The Statue of Liberty and what it symbolises and represents. Then, we explored the meaning of the word ‘immigrant’ and how the statue symbolised hope and freedom to them and the rest of the world. Through our rich discussion, we made links to the British value of individual liberty, where people are free to make their own chooses within the rule of law. 

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Our current English unit is based on the video 'Francis' which we will be using to help us write our own suspense stories. In doing this, we will be exploring and continuing to develop our use of figurative language (similes, metaphors, imagery and personification) and thinking about the effect this has on the reader. We will also be working on use of higher level punctuation including parenthesis.


Image result for francis literacy shed


We have begun our maths unit by recapping on the four operations. This week we have focused on addition and subtraction and start to apply our knowledge to solving a real life problem - planning and costing a holiday to New York - and working to a budget. 

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Through our artwork this half term, we are focusing on drawing people. We have started by exploring a range of sketching pencils to find the different tones and shades they produce. We then used this to begin sketching the human form using mannequins and a tutorial video. Here is some of the work we have produced so far - it’s very impressive!



In our PE work we have working on developing and evaluating our balances. Here are some of the balances we have been doing. 

Picture 1
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Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7



In our RE work this half term, we will begin to think about rites of passage and how these are important to different religions. In this unit we will begin by considering the significant life events in our own lives and how this can be considered a 'rite of passage' in many ways.



In French, we have been begun translating the weather into French and have been practising our pronunciation of these words and phrases. ☀️🌧❄️🌈🌪🌍

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In our music sessions, we have been learning the Adele song, 'Make you feel my love'. In these sessions we have listened to alternative versions and discussed some of the differences and the versions we prefer.

Class 8

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Class 9

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In Year 5 we believe homework to be of vital importance in preparing children for the for the transition to Year 6 and ultimately secondary school as well as to secure their learning from in class. Due to this, each week children will be set TWO pieces of English and TWO pieces of maths homework. Homework will be given out and due on the following days:


  Day homework set Day homework is due
Maths homework Monday  Following Friday
English homework Wednesday  Following Tuesday


Homework will be monitored regularly by the class teachers. Children who do not complete homework tasks will complete them in school in their own time. Where possible parents will be notified of this happening. 


Homework Projects will be set for children to complete on a termly basis. The projects enable children to develop their knowledge and understanding through a self guided process. Class teachers will give a list of suggested activities which could be completed as part of the project. Children will be expected to complete their projects and bring them into school by the due date in order to present them to their peers.