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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!


In Year 5 we are taught by Mr Tickle (Class 5) and Miss Wison (Class 6). We are also lucky to have dedicated support staff Mr. Anderson (HLTA) and Mrs Bridgeman (LSA) to help and support us with our learning in and out of class.

Spring Term Year Group Newsletter


Through our art sessions this half term we have been exploring tone and shading using charcoal. Over the last few lessons we have looked at the different techniques to create different effects and how adding shadow to 3D objects helps to create a better effect. We have then applied this to our own still life drawings of a selection of fruit. 

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Bikeability training



In our science work this half term we have been exploring the properties and changing materials. Through this we have explored a range of substances investigating how and why they change. We have learnt that some substances, when mixed together, create a substance. 

Creative Curriculum


As part of the children's Creative Curriculum work, we will be learning about 'Rivers and the Water Cycle'. Through this the children will develop their knowledge and understanding of how rivers are formed looking at their source and end point. On our trip to Selbourne Study Centre, children will complete a river study exploring the differing speeds that different sections run at. 

Selborne Trip - Tues 26th September 2017


On Tuesday 26th September 2017 Year 5 went on a trip to the Gilbert White Study Centre to develop their knowledge and understanding of rivers. Through this we explored the erosion of the river bank at different points as well as its rate of flow and the creatures that are found in the river bed.



In Year 5 we believe homework to be of vital importance in preparing children for the for the transition to Year 6 and ultimately secondary school as well as to secure their learning from in class. Due to this, each week children will be set TWO pieces of English and TWO pieces of maths homework. Homework will be given out and due on the following days:


  Day homework set Day homework is due
Maths homework Monday  Following Friday
English homework Wednesday  Following Tuesday


Homework will be monitored regularly by the class teachers. Children who do not complete homework tasks will complete them in school in their own time. Where possible parents will be notified of this happening. 


Homework Projects will be set for children to complete on a termly basis. The projects enable children to develop their knowledge and understanding through a self guided process. Class teachers will give a list of suggested activities which could be completed as part of the project. Children will be expected to complete their projects and bring them into school by the due date in order to present them to their peers. 



For the Autumn Term our PE days will Tuesday morning with Premier Sports and Wednesday afternoon. PE kits should be in school every week from Monday to Friday and included weather appropriate clothing.