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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!


In Year 5 we are taught by Miss Coupe, Mrs Oswald and Mr Greenley. We are also lucky to have dedicated support staff Mr. Wise (LSA) and Mr. Anderson (HLTA) to help and support us with our learning in and out of class.

Spring newsletter



Our creative curriculum topic this term has been North and South America. We have particularly been looking at Mexico and had a go today at creating Mexican nachos! We made out own.     Guacamole from avacados and salsa from tomatos and spices before topping them with cheese and melting it. Delicious!

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Irreversible changes


In science this half term we have been learning about reversible and irreversible changes, and what we notice when a change is irreversible. This week we have looked at how heat can affect a substance and proved how a  substance changes when heated by baking shortbread. This also linked into our maths work on measures as we had to convert the units of measure for the recipe.

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Palace of Westminster visit.


As part of our Health and Wellbeing unit on "Who's in charge?" Year 5 visited the Houses of Parliament for a tour of the buildings and a workshop on law making. We were delighted that our MP, Maria Miller, was able to join us for the part of the day and take our questions too.