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Welcome to our Year 6 Zone!


Our team:

- Miss Tamsett (Class 7)

- Miss Cryer (Class 8)

- Mrs Oswald (who is our third teacher and works with children across both classes-how lucky are we?!)

- Mrs Cullen (who comes in each week to help us all)

- 3 fish: Pickles, Snap and Crackle (unfortunately Pop suffered a treacherous fate in the Summer holidays...)

- 1 tortoise (who goes by the name Rosie) and can be found residing in Class 8

- 61 beautifully well-behaved children who complete our Year 6 Family!

Welcome back!!

We hope you have had a fantastic Summer break. We are very excited to begin our Autumn term of Year 6. After spending just our first week together, the year six team cannot wait to continue. Well done Year 6 for a fantastic start to the year! We are settling in well and our determination to achieve will stand us in good stead.


Autumn Newsletter

Circus Day!!

On Tuesday 12th September, Year 6 will be taking part in our very own Circus Day!! In preparation for our English work on circuses, we will be spending the day taking part in a range of activities that include circus skills, exploring the history of circuses and looking at some incredible texts. We cannot wait! A letter has gone out to parents regarding the option of fancy dress for the day. Stay tuned as there will be many pictures to follow!


JCA is fast approaching and we are currently in the process of working on the group lists and activity choices. We know the children are already starting to ask questions and I'm sure parents will have just as many (probably even more!) Therefore we have set up a JCA meeting on Thursday 21st September at 3:30pm for parents to attend. We will be giving a short presentation about kit list, what the children will need on the day, arrangements for dropping them off/picking them up and explaining what they will be up to. We look forward to seeing you there!

Things to remember:


Homework for Year 6:

Monday = Maths homework which is due back in on Friday

Wednesday = English homework which is due back in the following Tuesday


PE for Year 6:

Thursday = PE with their teachers

Friday = PE with Premier Sports

Kit needs to include black shorts/tracksuits, white t-shirt, jumper/hoody and trainers. All jewellery needs to be taken out and hair needs to be tied back if it is long

Circus day was a great success! It all started when one of our rooms turned into a big top and we completed a few circus activities during the morning register. We then took part in a carousel of activities including: creating a Tagxedo wordle containing key circus vocabulary (to use in our writing at a later date), writing an advert for our very own circus attraction, exploring the history of the circus to draw up our own timeline of events and then taking part in a few circus activities on the playground. To complete the day, we all sat underneath our big top and watched a Charlie Chaplin 'The Circus' film to help inspire our writing. This also involved some popcorn!

Now we are ready to begin the preparations for writing our own circus stories and the excitement is spreading. Stay tuned to see more of our English unit of work!

Rainforest Trip!

On Tuesday 14th November we went to the Living Rainforest in Newbury to help us understand more about the rainforest for our geography unit of work.

We took part in 4 different tours: Amazing Adaptations, Medicine, Edible rainforest and Sustainability.

We had a fantastic day and enjoyed seeing all of the animals. Unfortunately Cinnamon the sloth didn't make an appearance however we were able to see plenty of other wildlife (see pictures)

The next day we wrote up our findings from the trip and we are now working on writing a diary entry about our day in the rainforest as Wilderness Explorers!!

Rainforest Trip

Rainforest Trip 1
Rainforest Trip 2
Rainforest Trip 3
Rainforest Trip 4
Rainforest Trip 5
Rainforest Trip 6
Rainforest Trip 7
Rainforest Trip 8
Rainforest Trip 9
Rainforest Trip 10
Rainforest Trip 11
Rainforest Trip 12
Rainforest Trip 13
Rainforest Trip 14
Rainforest Trip 15
Rainforest Trip 16
Rainforest Trip 17
Rainforest Trip 18
Rainforest Trip 19
Rainforest Trip 20
Rainforest Trip 21
Rainforest Trip 22
Rainforest Trip 23
Rainforest Trip 24
Rainforest Trip 25
Rainforest Trip 26
Rainforest Trip 27
Rainforest Trip 28
Rainforest Trip 29
Rainforest Trip 30
Rainforest Trip 31
Rainforest Trip 32
Rainforest Trip 33
Rainforest Trip 34
Rainforest Trip 35
Rainforest Trip 36
Rainforest Trip 37
Rainforest Trip 38
Rainforest Trip 39
Rainforest Trip 40
Rainforest Trip 41
Rainforest Trip 42
Rainforest Trip 43
Rainforest Trip 44
Rainforest Trip 45
Rainforest Trip 46
Rainforest Trip 47
Rainforest Trip 48
Rainforest Trip 49
Rainforest Trip 50
Rainforest Trip 51
Rainforest Trip 52
Rainforest Trip 53


Over the last couple of weeks we have started our new English block: Blackfish. We looked at the SeaWorld website and explored the different persuasive techniques it used.

After looking at a range of persuasive resources, we then watched clips from the documentary Blackfish to learn about orcas in captivity.

Next we are planning on writing a diary entry from the trainer's point of view before writing a persuasive letter as our final piece


Spring term!


We have already had a busy start to the term, beginning our revision programme and starting our fun afternoons on Friday!

The children have been exploring the world of Fantastic Beasts in English and are about to start their Ancient Greek topic in creative curriculum next half term.

We have had a brilliant start-the children are working extremely hard and we are very pleased with each and every child.

Stay tuned for more updates-particularly when we hit the summer term as we then take part in many extraordinary activities!

Spring Newsletter