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Year 6

SATs Meeting Powerpoint for Parents

Class 7 and 8

Class 7 and 8 1
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Welcome to our Year 6 Zone!


Our team:

- Miss Cryer (Class 7)

- Miss Tamsett (Class 8)

- Mrs Cullen (who comes in each week to help us all)

- Mrs Oswald (who looks after us and teaches us when our teachers are away!)

- Mr Soane (who supports in class in the mornings) 

- 6 fish (Pickles, Moustache, Ugly, Snap, Crackle and Pop)

- 1 tortoise (who goes by the name Rosie)

- 60 children

Welcome to Year 6

Year six children have been working their socks off this term; we are currently preparing for our SATs so we're having plenty of revision sessions each day. To help us stay calm and stress-free, we are given special treat time on Friday afternoons. in which we have a football squad (who get to play a match against each other every week) and games club squad (who play a variety of games such as Malteser football, blindfolded food tasting, slime making and parachute madness!)


Recently we completed a set of practice papers to see how we were getting on: we have shown fantastic progress and have made our teachers very proud. Now all we need to do is keep up the hard work!


See below for pictures of our learning and treat time activities (we'll have a lot more bits and bobs to show you all after we have completed our SATs and get to Summer term!)