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Year 6

Welcome to our Year 6 Zone!


Our Team:


Class 10 are taught by Miss Meghan Tamsett and Miss Sophie Irving. However, for the first part of this spring term, Miss Irving is spending some time at another school. We are very much looking forward to having her back after the holidays and hope she is not missing us too much!


Class 11 are taught by Miss Harriet Cryer.


The year group LSA is: Miss Janie Cameron.


The children are also supported in their learning by our dedicated volunteer: Mrs Carol Cullen.


Our year 6 pets include: Rosie (our tortoise).


We ask that the children have their PE kit in school for the whole week as PE days will change from week to week due to timetable changes. 


Things to remember:


Homework for Year 6:


Maths Homework:

Maths homework is set on a Monday and is due in the following Friday. 

Miss Cryer's set will have Times Table Rockstars set as part of this homework where the children will be required to log in to their rockstars account and play a minimum of 15 games on one of the platforms (Garage, Studio etc). 

The children know their login details and they are readily available in the classroom should they forget. 

If there is any issue accessing Times Table Rockstars at home for any reason, please do not hesitate to contact Miss Cryer or Miss Tamsett before the deadline so that the problem can be rectified or an alternative solution given. 


English/reading comprehension homework:

English homework is set on Wednesday and is due in the following Tuesday.


Late or incomplete homework: 

The children have one 'homework pass' per half term whereby they can be excused if they have forgotten their homework. This late homework must be brought in on the next school day. 

If the children forget their homework or do not complete their homework after this, they will be expected to complete it during Fun Afternoon on Friday. 


We will do our best to upload the homework to the school website, however please be aware that in both year 6 classrooms we have a spare homework drawer where copies of the week's homework are readily available for the children to access at any time. 





Spring Newsletter Y6

Spring Term Learning



For the first part of this term both Miss Tamsett and Miss Cryer's maths sets will be exploring a range of skills including geometry and fractions, inspired by a superhero theme.

We will also be practising a range of arithmetic skills to improve our fluency in maths. Such skills will include efficient use of strategies involving the 4 operations, as well as finding percentages of numbers and multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000. 





In English we are doing a persuasive writing unit inspired by the documentary film: Blackfish. 

The children will be learning about captive whales and exploring current headlines both for and against it. 

They will be learning a range of persuasive writing techniques such as use of emotive language and the presentation of facts and statistics in order to write a letter of persuasion. 

This term we hope to give the children a choice over the recipient of their letter as they are already extremely passionate about the cause. 

They may, for example, choose to write to the prime minister in China, where marine parks similar to Seaworld are opening and beginning to exhibit killer whales just like they used to do in America. Similarly, they may choose to write to travel agents to convince them to stop promoting tickets to marine parks like Seaworld as part of their package holidays. 



So far we have explored Seaworld's website to understand what is on offer there. Based on what we read, we had statements to prove or disprove. For example: 


Creative Curriculum: 

This term we will be starting the Ancient Greeks. In particular we will be looking at how they influenced modern civilization by pioneering concepts such as democracy and the Olympic games. As part of this topic the children will take part in a 'Play in a Day' where they will learn about all-sorts including ancient Greek myths and how the ancient Greeks lived, worked and dressed. 



In P.E the children will be partaking in gymnastics with Premier Sports and handball with their teachers 



In Science the children will be starting a new topic: light. 

As well as this we will be revising some of the key science topics the children have learnt during their time at Oakridge. 



In art we will be continuing our PopArt topic where we will be creating our own design that is personal to us and related to popular culture. 

We will be using the computer to scan and duplicate our image in order to create a repeated design in different colour-ways in the style of Andy Warhol. 




We have been learning about hidden messages within stories. 


We have looked at the Prodigal Son:


and we have looked at Rama and Sita:


Health & Wellbeing:

Substance misuse and road safety.


In addition to this we have also been revisiting our learning about Online Safety. We discussed scenarios where there was a risk involved and came up with possible solutions:

Thank you to Adonia, Bethany, Olumide and Deshane for your thoughtful and sensible responses to these problems - Well done!






Online safety and revision of key skills such as using Scratch to sequence, select and repeat variables in programs.