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Make your own cereal box marble run!


Test your DIY skills and see if you can create your own marble run!

If you don't own any marbles, be creative! You could use anything round.. a bouncy ball, or even a frozen pea! 

Happy creating :) 

Dino Art!

As some you might know, Miss Wilson LOVES dinosaurs! She was scrolling through the internet today and found this wonderful crafty dinosaur activity and absolutely loved it! So, she thought some of you would like to try and make your own dinosaur (as I'm sure many of you could create an even better version)! The activity doesn't require many resources but don't be afraid to be even more creative with what you use, if you don't have the exact same resources mentioned in the instructions. If you're feeling brave enough, perhaps you might want to create a completely different type of dinosaur species, whilst still using most the of instructions for the T-Rex!

We've attached the instructions and the finished T-Rex as images but we have also attached a google doc with the instructions on if you're finding the picture a little tricky to read.


Just so you know, the tape the artist has used is masking tape as it is easier to paint on and always get your parent's permission if you are using very sharp scissors! :)

We hope you enjoy creating your own T-Rex and we can't wait to see your creations!

Drawing People

Next term, our art unit will be based on learning how to draw people and the steps you need to do to create a realistic sketch of a person. Watch the videos below and follow the steps in the picture to help you practise at home. Draw circles/ovals as shown in the tutorial video (with words), to represent the bones and joints of the body before drawing its silhouette. 

Task: Have a go at copying the mannequins' poses in the word document below using the tutorial videos. 


Challenge: Draw a full head-to-toe image of your favourite celebrity showing each step of your sketch! Just make sure each part of your person is in proportion! Feel free to upload them on Twitter or send them through to us! We'd love to see them!


Miss Wilson & Miss Clayton

Tutorial video

Still image for this video
This videos guides you about how to draw a person using ovals and circles to show the bones and joints. Enjoy!

How to draw a person | EASY TO FOLLOW

How to draw a person | EASY TO FOLLOW