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Welcome to the Art page!


Lesson 1 - Landscapes

We would like you to learn about landscapes by watching the video below and then have a go a creating your own landscape picture using the 'Roll a landscape' activity here. Send us in photos of your completed work so we can see your amazing artistry. 

Art Year 1 Landscapes


After you have completed the 'Roll a landscape' activity you might want an extra challenge. Here is a slightly harder one where you have to 'Roll a Van Gogh'

Lesson 2 - Mosaic Containers

Your art challenge this week is to make your own mosaic container similar to the one above. You will be using items from around your house to create these. The steps are outlined below:


1 Find your container

Find a container at home that you want to use for your project. It could be a used: plastic bottle, jar, box, flower pot, can


2 Make your mosaic tiles

Find cardboard packaging from around your home that you can use to cut up and make into mosaic tiles.  Look for the lots of different colours and shapes (as you can see in the picture these don’t just have to be squares). They can be random shapes and can be changed to fit the pattern you are trying to achieve. Some good places to look for these are: the recycling bin, cereal boxes, leaflets.


3 Make your mosaic container

Stick your tiles onto your container using glue. If you don’t have glue at home you can use tape, nail varnish (please check this is ok before you take your sisters nail varnish! I don’t want to be responsible for World War 3 breaking out) or there are ways to make glue at home. Here is a link to some ways you can make your own glue:

If you can, take a photo of your final product and send it in.

Lesson 3 - Land art

This week we are going to be learning about the artist: Andy Goldsworthy. Then you will be going out and about to create your own natural land art sculptures.

Land Art linked to Andy Goldsworthy

Watch the video below to learn about Andy Goldsworthy and your task.

Lesson 4 - Portraits 1

Watch the video to guide you through the lesson. You will be learning about the famous artist Picasso and then making your own collage portrait in his style.

Crazy Faces Printable

Lesson 5 - Picasso (continued)

Watch the video to guide you through the lesson. We will re-cap learning about the famous artist Picasso. You will then have a go at 'roll a Picasso'.