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Art and DT

Curriculum Leaders: Sarah Clouter (EYFS/KS1) and Laura Oswald (KS2)


We are committed to providing all children with learning opportunities to engage in art and design. The purpose of Art and Design Technology education is to give pupils the skills, concepts and knowledge necessary for them to express their responses to ideas and experiences in a visual or tactile form. It fires their imagination and is a fundamental means of personal expression.

While it is essentially a practical subject, art should provide opportunities for reflection and, with increasing sensitivity, pupils should acquire the ability to make informed, critical responses to their own work and that of others. Design and Technology provides opportunities for children to follow the design process from identifying problems, exploring existing products, planning and designing before making and evaluating purposeful products. 

There is great pleasure to be derived from Art and Design and, through deeper understanding; pupils can gain access to cultural richness and diversity. The appreciation and enjoyment of the visual arts enriches all our lives.




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March 2022 


Year 2 had the opportunity to work with the artist Fatima Pantoja last week, creating paper cut-out collages inspired by Henri Mattisse. These are going to be used to form part of a mural in Festival Place so keep a look out! 


Year 6 were also lucky enough to work with a visiting artist Vanessa Rolf who has taught them some textile skills which they will apply later on in their current unit. 


November 2021 


A lot of art and DT is happening around the school at the moment! 

Year R painted beautiful self portraits. 


Year 1 finished their Kandinsky unit which looks fantastic up on display! 

Year 2 enjoyed colour mixing and printing to create pictures inspired by the Great Fire of London. 

Year 3 used soft pastels to draw poppies inspired by Georgia O'Keeffe which have been displayed in Tesco. 

Year 4 have also been working on self portraits. 

Year 5 used pencil and oil pastels to sketch mannekins in different poses. 


Year 6 have used a range of media for observational drawings. 


September 2021 


Everyone is settled back in to school and enjoying their new art topics. Year 3 have been learning how to shade with pencils and used charcoal for the first time to do observational drawings of bears. Year 2 explored 2B pencils and used these to draw the outside of the building and are now applying their skills to print Great Fire of London pictures. Year 1 have been learning how to use watercolours and have been mixing the primary colours to create secondary colours. 


Some examples of exploring materials and early artwork from years 1, 2 and 3

July 2021 Year 2 Flowers  


Year 2 combined oil pastel techniques and textile skills to create this beautiful collaborative piece. They explored the photography of Harold Feinstein and the textile works of Alison King for inspiration. 

7/7/21  Year One Indigenous Australian Inspired Artwork


As their printing unit, year one have been looking at printing using a range of found materials. They then explored the history and examples of Indigenous Australian artwork and learned how to dot print in a similar style. 



Art Competitions

Art Club

In art club we do lots of creative projects. We recently made our own dramatic masks using colourful decorations.