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Oak National Academy

Visit the Oak National Academy website set up by the Department for Education. 


There are some fantastic art activities that you can complete at home. Follow the below link to begin your creative adventure.

Art challenges

Why not try some of these different art challenges. You could email a photo of your art challenge or get a grown up at home to 'tweet' a picture to our school twitter feed @OakridgeFed. 

  • Draw spring flowers
  • Draw a happy memory
  • Draw a place you'd like to visit
  • Draw a bird
  • Draw you as a superhero
  • Draw a new cover for your favourite book
  • Draw three things you are good at
  • Draw your favourite meal
  • Draw a job you'd like to do
  • Make a collage of pictures you like
  • Draw your pet
  • Draw what you see in the mirror
  • Draw your garden
  • Draw your hand, or draw round your hand and colour it in
  • Draw a book character
  • Draw a plan of our school
  • Make a junk model from old boxes
  • Make a picture out of something different e.g. pasta, stones, grass or Lego bricks


Recycled craft

Egg Box Craft!


Shadow drawing

Animal drawings