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CC UPDATED 27/04/20

Earth Day 2020 - Wednesday 22nd April


On Wednesday 22nd April, the world will celebrate Earth Day. This is a day where many activities and events are set up to raise awareness of climate change, global warming and the importance of changing our lifestyle to protect the planet.


To celebrate Earth Day 2020, I would like you to complete the following activities:

Palm Oil Investigation!


We have been looking at rainforests in depth over the last term. 

One of the main issues the rainforest faces is - deforestation!!

Palm oil production is a MAJOR contributor to rainforest destruction.



Below is the Creative Curriculum project we would like you to complete. You will need to complete enough tasks to earn yourself 20 points. If you would like you are more than welcome to go over the 20 point minimum!
Here are some links below to some websites to help you complete the different projects..