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Charman's Challenge

Each day Miss Charman will be setting a challenge for our children to complete.  You have 24 hours in which to do each challenge and can upload your responses to the school twitter page.  There will be a prize for the children who complete all of the challenges when we return to school.


Good luck!


Day 61 - 17.07.20


Sweet-tastic challenge!


Have a go at working out the names of the sweets using the pictures below!

Sweet challenge

Day 60 - 14/07/20


Map Quest


Can you help solve the problems for Radha and Rehan?



Day 59 - 13/07/20


Can you find your way through the balloon and rocket mazes?



Day 57 - 09/07/20


Today is Sudoku day!

Day 56 - 08/07/20


Puzzle challenges


Can you spot the difference and find the hidden compasses in the images below.

Day 55: 07/07/29


Today we have a broken calculator set of problems. Your task is to investigate how to make answers on the calculator when only particular buttons seem to be working!


Have a look at the level of difficulty and choose which you would like to do. Those of you in year 5/6 could push yourselves with the hardest one!

Broken Calculator

Activity 1 - Key stage 1
Activity 2 - Key stage 2
Activity 3 - Challenge for upper key stage 2

Day 54 - 06/07/20


The Car Logo Challenge

Cake challenge

Day 52: 03/07/29


Happy Friday everyone!

Today we thought we would all enjoy looking at some delicious cake pictures. Can you name the cakes? 

If you're not sure on any, ask any members of your household or do some researching to see how many you can name.
Good luck!

Day 51     02/07/20 


How many Mistermen characters can you name?

Day 50 - 01/07/20


Your challenge today is to complete the emoji quiz.

Day 49 - 30/06/20

What is wrong in this picture?

Day 48 - 26/06/20

Word search Challenge

Below are 3 different word searches. The first is about Summer, the second is a hard word search to do with flavours of icecream and the third is about Australian animals! All link to the nice warm weather we are having.

Have a go and see if you can complete at least 1 word search!


Good luck!

Word searches

Day 47 - 24/06/20 General Knowledge Quiz


  1. What sort of creature is a dingo?
  2. In which country is the Taj Mahal?
  3. Who was the first man to walk on the moon?
  4. What are the names of Harry Potter’s parents?
  5. What are the four oceans called?
  6. Which language is spoken in Australia?
  7. What is the name of the tree that produces acorns?
  8. What is a baby kangaroo called?
  9. How many sides does a hexagon have?
  10. How many strings does a violin have?
  11. ​​​​​​​What is the highest mountain in Great Britain?
  12. What is the capital of New Zealand?
  13. Which fairy tale character slept for 100 years?
  14. The Great Barrier Reef is located in which country?
  15. In the nursery rhyme, who ‘kissed the girls and made them cry’?
  16. What sort of animal is the video game character Sonic?
  17. In which forest do Robin Hood and his Merry Men live?
  18. Helsinki is the capital city of which country?
  19. How many pockets does a snooker table have?
  20. On which continent is India located?

Day 46 - 23/06/20


Complete the picture. It can be anything you want but you need to include the line below in your drawing.

Here is the line to use in your drawing

This picture uses the line above in the can be as creative as you like....enjoy!

Day 45 - 22/06/20


Your challenge today is to identify the characters....good luck!   

Day 44 - 19/06/20

Crisp Challenge:

Below are some snippets of crisp packet pictures. You challenge is to try and work out what the crisps are! Send us your answers and let's see who can get the most right!


Good luck!

Crisp challenge

Day 43 - 18/06/20

Quiz questions

Day 42 - 17/06/20

Optical Illusions...


What is an Optical Illusion?

Optical Illusions can use colour, light and patterns to create images that can be deceptive or misleading to our brains. The information gathered by the eye is processed by the brain, creating a perception that in reality, does not match the true image. Optical illusions simply trick our brains into seeing things which may or may not be real.


Your Challenge:

Have a look at some of the examples of optical illusions below. 

We would like you to have a go at creating a 3D hand illusion drawing using the link below to guide you:


If you really enjoy this, see if you can conduct some of your own research and create your own optical illusion art work for us to see!


Have fun!

Optical Illusions

3D Hand Illusion
How many legs does this elephant have?
Are the horizontal lines sloping or straight?
How many animals can you see in this picture?

Day 41 - 16/06/20 

Your challenge today is to name the character and film/tv programme that they are in.

Day 40 - 15/06/20

Logic Puzzle Day!


Back by popular demand, we have another Logic Puzzle Day!


Below are a range of problems that require a bit of logic. Choose the problems you feel you can tackle (they get harder!) Have a go at as many as you would like and let us know how you get on.


Good luck!

Logic Puzzle Day

Key stage 1 - puzzle 1
Key stage 1 - puzzle 2
Key stage 1 - puzzle 3
Key stage 2 - puzzle 1
Key stage 2 - puzzle 2
Key stage 2 - puzzle 3
Key stage 2 - puzzle 4

Day 39 - Internet Safety


Today we would like you to design a poster to highlight the importance of staying safe online. The best posters will be displayed around school. 

See below for some examples

Day 38 - 11/06/20 Guess the Logo

Day 37 - 10/06/20

Logic Puzzle Day!


Below there are 3 logic puzzles to solve. You will need to read the clues carefully and work your way through the puzzle to find the answer.

Choose a puzzle you think is suitable for your level of understanding or, if you're feeling particularly brainy today, go for all three!


Hint: You may find that some clues do not help you straight away. You have to go through the clues, see which ones to use first and then keep going back to them until the problem is solved! 


Good luck!



Logic Puzzles

Logic Puzzle 1: Easy
Logic Puzzle 2: Medium
Logic Puzzle 3: Hard

Day 36 - 09/06/20


Make your own music


You will need: Paper, colouring pens/pencils


How to play:

1. Create symbols to represent the sounds they mean. For example, a star symbol means ‘clap’, a circle means ‘click your fingers’, a triangle means ‘hit an object’, and a square means ‘stomp your foot’


2. Compose your own music, using only the symbols


3. Your piece of music must last between 30 seconds and 1 minute


4. Show your symbols in order on the piece of paper (if you clap four times then you should have 4 stars in a line)

We are back!


Due to popular demand Charman's Challenge has returned.  


Day 35


Today's challenge is to complete the wordsearch!



Welcome back to Miss Charman's Challenge!

Now that the Easter holidays are complete, the challenges are back. Remember: you have 24 hours in which to do each challenge and can upload your responses to the school twitter page.  There will be a prize for the children who complete all of the challenges when we return to school.


Day 34 - 22/05/20


Today we would like you to make your own marble run. This can be made from household objects or items from your recycling bin. You don't have to use a marble, you can use anything spherical. It can be as small as a marble or as big as a beach ball - the choice is yours!


Please see the images below for ideas.

As always, you can email or tweet us a photograph of your work.

Day 33 - 21/05/20


Miss Charman has been looking everywhere for Basil - where is he hiding?

Day 32 20/05/20


For today's challenge you'll need to be dectectives and search around your house or outside for as many different coloured objects as possible. You could find objects for all the colours of the rainbow. Below is an example for you, where all the coloured objects were from outside.


We look forward to seeing how many colours you can find. Mail or tweet a photograph to us.

Day 31 19/05/20


Today's challenge is to find all the words associated with friendship within the word search. Don't forget to submit your challenge using #Charmanschallenge on Twitter or send your entry into either admin office. 



Day 30 - 18/05/20


Your challenge today is to name the movie!  Enjoy.

Day 29 - 15/05/20


Today's challenge involves nature! When you are out on your walk or in your garden, collect leaves and petals to create a picture. You could choose to make an animal or make a pattern (see the image below). Let your imagination run wild and have fun.


Email us or tweet your photos using the hashtag #charmanschallenge

Day 28 - 14/05/20


Today's challenge is to Spot the Difference between the two images of staff in school today!  Top tip:  look out for the subtle changes.  Enjoy!

Day 27 - 13/5/20


Today's Charman's Challenge involves the use of some of your socks in the challenge called 'Sock Ladder Challenge!' 


The following link shows a video demonstration of the sock challenge:



You need to lay out 4 or more socks like rungs of a ladder. You need enough space between each 2 socks to fit your foot in between. 


The Challenge:

You have 20 seconds to step between the rungs working your way along the ladder and then back again. Both feet must touch the floor in each space between the rungs (see the demonstration by watching the link provided above). 



Count how many times you manage to get back to your starting position before the 20 second timer runs out. Can you beat the total of 6 laps completed by the boy in the demonstration video?


Don't forget to tweet or email your best score to us using the hashtag #Charmanschallenge


Good luck!

Day 26 - 12/5/20


Today is Florence Nightingale's 200th birthday and International Nurses Day.   Your challenge today is to design a birthday card to mark the special occasion.


Can you imagine what kind of birthday celebrations Florence would have enjoyed?  

Day 25 - 11/05/2020


Miss Charman's least favourite thing to do is shopping. So today's challenge is to identify the shops found in Festival Place by decoding the emojis!

The picture is attached below. Feel free to post your answers on our school Twitter page. Don't forget to use the hashtag #Charmanschallenge

Good luck!

Shopping emoji

Day 24 - 07/05/2020


You may have seen on the news that a new 'Banksy' artwork has appeared on the walls in Southampton Hospital. 


Today's challenge is to create you very own 'Oakridgsy' masterpiece. We can't wait to see what you come up with. Good luck! 

Day 23 - 06/05/20


Today your challenge is to complete the three different emoji quizzes.



Day 22 5/05/20


Today your challenge is to open the Word document in the link below and have a good look at a popular photograph of some celebrities. You will notice that their faces have been replaced with Oakridge Federation members of staff!


Your first task is to try and identify all the staff members.

Your second job is to spot the 2 staff members who appear twice in the photo!


Good luck!

Day 21 - 04/05/20


Today's challenge is to support a request from a local care home to produce some bunting to decorate the home for the 75th Anniversary of VE Day on 8th May.


We would love to decorate Ashcombe House in support of those who fought many years ago and need your help at our care home Ashcombe House, to make the bunting.  Please see the link below for the template and lets all get involved.


Please send your completed bunting to:

Ashcombe House

Worting Road


RG21 8YU.



Day 20 - 1/05/20

Happy May Day everyone!  Today's challenge is linked to one of the May Day traditions-Maypole dancing.  Your challenge today is to create a dance to celebrate.  Watch the video link below to give you some ideas.  Don't forget to email or tweet us your dances.  Have fun!


Day 19 - 30/04/20


As today is Captain Tom Morgan's 100th Birthday your challenge today is to carry out 3 activities (one from each criteria) of your choice 100 times!


Activity 1 - Active

Examples include 100 x star jumps or 100m run or balancing on one foot for 100 seconds


Activity 2 - Reading

Examples include writing Happy Birthday Captain Tom 100 times or reading 100 words or pages of your favourite book or 100 times tables.


Activity 3 - Creative

Examples include drawing 100 circles or 100 elephants etc


I look forward to seeing your creative ideas...good luck!



Day 18 - 29/04/20


Today's challenge is to create the tallest tower possible using objects found within the house. You might have some Lego, some containers, empty cardboard boxes or even some playing cards!

The website below has a few ideas if you need a bit of help:


As always send your photos to us using the #Charmanschallenge and tag us into your tweet @oakridgefed

Good luck!


Day 17 - 28/04/20


Today your Charman's challenge is to find the biggest item you can and balance it on your head for 10 seconds.  Don't forget to tweet your videos @oakridgefed.  Good luck!

Day 16 – 27/04/20


The Charman's Challenge for today has been taken from the Instagram trend that top footballers across the world have been trying out. We thought we would bring a bit of fun and sporting competitiveness in today’s challenge by making it the ‘Toilet Roll Keepy-Uppie challenge’.

See how many keepy-uppies you can do with a roll of toilet paper. The rules:

- It has to be a toilet roll

- It cannot touch the floor or any other object

- You cannot cheat when you record the number!


The following video link shows lots of stars taking part in the challenge:


How many can you do? Send us your videos or photos using the #Charmanschallenge and tag us into your tweet @oakridgefed

Day 15 - 24/04/20

Scavenger Hunt

Find these objects around the house and take a photograph when you have collected them all.
Happy scavenging!

Please email or tweet a photograph of all your objects.

Day 14 - 23/04/20


Lets celebrate St George's Day today by designing your very own shield! This can be any shape or size and be as imaginative as possible! 


Happy St George's Day! 


Please email or tweet a photograph of your design to us.

Day 13 - 22/04/20


Today's challenge involves drawing smiley You need to be as creative as you can with this one.


What could you design from one black dot?


Start off by drawing a black dot (see examples below) and then let your imagination go wild.

What could you turn this black dot into? What could the balck dot become?


Please email or tweet a photograph of your design to us.


Day 12 - 21/04/20


Today's Charman's Challenge is a construction challenge. Can you build a structure large enough to sit inside?

Use any items around your house or if you have craft materials available then get creative! The more creative the better!

Show us your construction and prove that the structure is large enough to sit inside.

Don't forget to use the hashtag #CharmansChallenge and tag us into your tweet @oakridgefed

Day 11 - 20/04/20

Day 10 - 03/04/20


Origami animals


Folding fun for a Friday!! Your challenge today is to make an animal of your choice by folding and colouring a piece of paper. Please see the link below for ideas. If you want to challenge yourself, create an ENTIRE family of animals.


Don't forget to share your pictures with us.

Day 9 - 02/04/20


What's your name (fit activities)


Spell out your full name (including middle name) and complete the activities twice. Write down your name alongside each of the activities.

A - Jump up and down 10 times

B - Spin around in a circle 5 times

C - hop on one foot 10 times

D - Run to the nearest door and run back 5 times

E - Walk like a bear for a count of 20

F - Do 3 cartwheels

G - Do 10 jumping jacks (star jumps)

H - Hop like a frog 10 times

I - Balance on your left foot for a count of 15

J - Balance on your right foot for a count of 15

K - March like a toy soldier for a count of 20

L - Pretend to jump rope for a count of 30

M - Mario skip (high knees) 15 times

N - Pick up a ball without using your hands

O - Walk backwards 50 steps

P - Walk sideways 30 steps

Q - Crawl like a crab for the count of 20

R - Hop backwards for the count of 20

S - Bend down and touch your toes 20 times

T - Pretend to pedal your bike with your hands for a count of 50

U - Roll a ball using your head only for a count of 30

V - Flap our arms like a bird 30 times

W - Gallop for a count of 30

X -  Skip backwards for the count of 20

Y - Walk on your knees for a count of 20

Z - Do 10 push ups

Day 8 - 1st April 2020 


Today's challenge is to draw/create a picture of a tree and the wildlife that lives there. This could be the wildlife that makes its home inside a tree, in its roots or something that flies around the treetops. You can use any art medium. Remember to include as much detail as you can.


Don't forget to share your pictures on Twitter using #CharmansCallenge

Day 7 - 31/03/20


Rainbow Lanterns


Your challenge today is to create and decorate a rainbow paper lantern.   See if you can make different shapes and sizes and hang them in your window for your neighbours to admire.  Good luck.

Day 6 - 30/03/20


Animal Alphabet


Can you think of an animal starting with each letter of our school name -  Oakridge Schools Federation.  The only rule is that you cannot use the same animal twice!


Would you like an extra challenge?  Also complete the school address of Oakridge Road, Basingstoke, Hampshire.


Good luck!

Day 5-27/03/20


Today your challenge is to create an acrostic poem using the words 'Stay at home.' 

Here is an example of one we created earlier!


School is closed

TV rules!

A time to stay with family

Yelling at neighbours over the garden fence because we need to social distance

And asking for our balls back!

Taking care of those who are vulnerable

Hoping this will end soon

Organising our day

Mums and Dads helping us with school work

Everyone pulling together to stay safe


Day 4 - 26/03/20


For today’s challenge you will need some paper, scissors and colouring pencils/pens. Charman’s Challenge is to design and create an Oakridge Federation paper plane, making it as colourful and well decorated as possible. Once your plane has been made, see how far you can get it to fly!


Feel free to send in pictures of your creations and let us know roughly how far it flew.


Hint: it you are going for distance, you may want to research the science behind it first as weight and mass play a factor in stabling the flight!


We have attached an example of how to make a paper plane if you don't fancy doing the research!


How to make a basic paper plane!

Day 3 - 25/03/20


JUNIORS between 11 and 12 today your day 3 Charman’s challenge is to battle the teachers on TTRockstars! #rockon!


INFANTS it’s been a busy time running around looking for objects and drawing elephants so today you can have a day off. If you can why not enjoy some time playing in the garden or going on a mini-beast hunt? 

Day 2-24/03/20


Here is Charman's Challenge for day 2.  Write your first name on a piece of paper.  Now find an object that begins with each letter of your name and arrange them underneath.  Don't forget to use the hashtag #CharmansChallenge and tag us into your tweet @oakridgefed

Mums and Dads put the kettle on while the children do this one, we're hoping it will take a little while!

Day 1 - 23/03/20


For this challenge you will need a pencil, a piece of paper and a blindfold (such as a scarf).  Blindfold the child and then ask them to attempt to draw an elephant as this is my favourite animal.