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Child and Family Development Officer

My name is Miss Rosie Wood and I am here to help support all the children that attend Oakridge Federation and their families. Life can sometimes be a challenge! Unfortunately, we can’t change that but what we can do is learn how to deal with the challenges in a positive way. One of the roles of a Child and Family Development Officer is to work closely with children and families who maybe experiencing difficulties. This could be as simple as a misunderstanding with friends or it could be a more complex issue such as financial worries, day to day struggles which can impact on mental health or a change in family circumstance. It may be that the support is needed for a short while or it could be a longer process.


At Oakridge the emotional welfare of our pupils is of the greatest importance and having a dedicated Child and Family Development Officer enables these issues to be given the time and care needed to be sensitively and compassionately worked through together. We seek to break down the barriers to learning so that all children can be successful and make good progress. The Child and Development Officer is part of the Inclusion team who all work closely together to support the needs of all the children across the federation.


Ensuring good attendance is vital to your child’s learning, it is also your legal responsibility to bring your child to school and keeping them off school without good reason could lead to you being fined and possible prosecution.  Part of the role of the Child and Family Development Officer is to monitor absences and lateness across the school and act accordingly. This is done by contacting parents/carers if attendance drops below 90% without reasonable explanation and then working together to improve the attendance or lateness.


It is important that your thoughts and feelings are listened to. Therefore please contact me if there is anything you are worried about. 

How to contact Rosie:


- Email 


- Call either school office (infants - 01256 321579; juniors - 01256 473545) and ask to speak to Rosie or leave a message and she will call you back


- Make an appointment through either office calling the above numbers


- Use the contact form below

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Child and Family Development Officer