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Spring 2 Design Technology - Sandwiches 


For the first two weeks of this half term, our DT unit is about sandwiches. We will be learning about sandwiches, what they are and what they can be filled with. This will be split into 3 parts to be completed over the two weeks of home learning. 


In part 1, children will be encouraged to taste test three different sandwich spreads and evaluate these - these could include different flavours of jam, peanut butter, marmite, lemon curd,  chocolate spread, chutney, or any other sandwich filling/spread you have - we are not expecting you to go out and buy lots of different things for this, just use what you have smiley


The children will then use their tastings to plan and design a  sandwich as part 2, which they will be asked to make, taste and evaluate in part 3. For this they will need some kind of bread, whether this is a simple sliced loaf, or a roll or flatbread is entirely up to you. Our intention is that this should be a project you can complete without buying too many extra ingredients, the main aims are that the children test, design, create and evaluate something while demonstrating skills of spreading, cutting and food hygiene. Any questions, please ask your child's teacher.