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Monday 24th January

Please do not start listening to the story until tomorrow's lesson.


Using the picture clues in the document underneath  try and predict who the characters are and how do you know.

Tuesday 25th January

Watch the story of ‘What do you do if your house is a zoo?’ don’t watch the ending – stop after page which starts “but they kept on coming” – point out clue (child looking sad and holding ball in corner) 


Children to write a prediction about what animal they think Oscar will choose using prediction sheet.

Wednesday 26th January

Print or copy the words out from the document below. Cut them up and try to identify the words from the story. Can you then match the words that rhyme

Thursday 27th January

Using the activity sheet below, the children are to cut out and sequence the story.  In the boxes underneath each picture, the children are to write down some key vocabulary from the story that goes with the picture