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Here you will find a selection of just some of the fantastic work we have been doing.  Check back for regular updates!


Our English journey this half term is all about biograhies and their purpose.  We have looked at several influential figures and read about them and now we are going to have a go at writing our own, for Mary Seacole!  We have learnt looks of new skills in order to do this, like using the conjunctions because and when and using suffixes like - ful and -ness to make our writing more exciting!


This term we are looking at the work of Van Gogh, in particular his painting 'Starry Night.'  We have used oil pastels to practise mark making, imitating his style and then have paitnted our own night time pictures, influenced by his works.  Our final piece will invovle some collaging techniques too!


This term our topic has been all about change.  We have thought and discussed the changes that we have gone through in our lives and how they have made us feel.  We realised that changes can cause us to feel different emotions and that this is very normal.  We are now moving onto looking at how Jesus used the concept of change to help the people in the bible. 


In maths we have been investigating different 2D and 3D shapes.  We started the unit by looking at 2D shapes and their properties and did some excellent reasoning around this.  Now we are starting to look at the properties of 3D shapes, making sure we are using the correct mathematical vocabulary.


This term's history unit sees us focusing on significant women and we have chosen to look at the lives and achievements of Mary Seacole and Florence Nightingale.  We will look at the work they carried out and how it has impacted life today and how they are remembered and spend some time learning about their lives as individuals. 


We are LOVING our new English text, Beast Feast.  We have been making monsters, writing letters and playing word games all whilst learning how to use contracted forms, the progressive tense and different suffixes, in particular -er and -est. Check back in a few weeks to see how our Final Pieces turned out!


This term's art unit is all about drawing & sculpture, influenced by the artist Keith Haring.  We started lesson one off by listening to some 80's hip hop music and drawing poses that have been influenced by this.  We have also created our own collages in the style of Keith Haring, detailing facts about his life. 

Happy Christmas from Team Year 2!

Christmas Nativity Play

We have been working REALLY hard singing and dancing and learning all our words for our Nativity Play, 'It's a baby!'  It's looking great and we can't wait for you to watch it online!  We are filiming on Wednesday and are very excited!


In maths we have now finished number, having worked hard on our work with addition, subtraction, multiplication and division and have moved on to measure.  We have had a go at measuring accurately using rulers and metre sticks and have used what we have learnt already to compare measures.  Next, we will be looking at shape, in particualr 2D shapes and their properties.


Alongside out Nativity play we have been learning about both Advent and Hannukah in RE.  We have explored the differences and similarities between the festivals and how they both use light as a symbol of hope.  We have really enjoyed learning how different religions celebrate their speical days. 


We have been learning all about the continents and oceans of the world this term, using the book 'Poles Apart,' all about the penguin family the Pilchard-Browns, to help us.  So far we have labelled maps, looking at hot and cold countries and even been on a treausure hunt, finding clues that would help us with our learning.  Our end goal is to answer the key statement - 'Everywhere in the world is hot.'


We are learning about algorithms, how they make predictions and that our algorithms need to be clear and concise. We used peg boards to visualise instructions needed and learnt how to loop, which saves us having to repeat the same instruction. 


We are getting into the festive spirit in DT this term and making our very own Christmas stockings!  We have been looking at real life examples and have had a go using sequins and glitter to embellish different shapes made from felt. Soon we will be trying our hands at stictching and sewing so watch this space!


The children have been enjoying our new story 'The Bear and the Piano.'  They have learnt to retell it orally, using a vareity of actions to help them.  We are now moving on to writing our very own stories!

History: The Great Fire of London

As we come towards the end of our topic we are beginning to think about answering our key question: Why was the Great Fire of London so catastrophic and what were the consequences.  We have been working hard to learn all about the events that occurred before, during and after the fire and what influences the prominent people at the time had. 

International Languages Day

As part of International Languages Day Year 2 took part in a special languages assembly. We discussed why knowing another language might be important and how it could help us when we grow up.  We found out that lots of our classmates can speak more than one language too!

Art: Print Making

We have been having great fun with our print making!  We have learnt all about colour mixing and designed our own tiles, picturing The Great Fire of London.  This week we are finally going to print our pictures using different coloured inks.  Watch this space for photos!

Science: Materials and their properties

We have started of our topic by revising everything we already know about materials - we impressed our teachers with how much we knew already!  We learnt about raw materials and were introduced to the concept of synthetic materials and how we use them in our day to day lives.  

In the next couple of lessons we are going to be carrying out some experiments - pictures to follow!


Naming raw materials and describing their properties.

RE: Special Books

It has been wonderful to discuss all the different types of books that are special to us and hearing all the different reasons; it made us realise how special books can be and we are looking forward to sharing our books with each other in a couples of weeks time. 

We loved talking about our favourite stories and hearing why they were special to us. During this time, our British values focus was to demonstrate mutual respect for others by listening to what others had to say.

English: Traditional Tales (or should that be Tails...?)

All the huffing and puffing we've done in English recently has paid off!  We have all done a fantastic job of leaning and retelling the story of The Three Little Pigs, acting out the scenes and thinking of actions to help us remember that all important vocabulary.  We can't wait to show off our writing when we tell our own version of the story.