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Below you will see some of the amazing work we have been doing in Y1. Check back for regular updates.

January 2022




Year 1 have been continuing to practise their place value and number skills this term. They have been learning to add numbers within twenty using a number line. Year 1 then applied their knowledge to solve reasoning and problem solving questions.  



In English, Year 1 have been reading the story 'Elephant in my Kitchen! ' by Smriti Halls. The children have enjoyed sequencing and  retelling the story. They have also explored the key vocabulary in the story, identified the words that rhymed and wrote sentences using 'and' to join clauses together. 



In Art, Year 1 have started to explore printing. They had great fun trying to print using a repeated pattern.



Year 1 have begun to learn all about castles. This week they explored the different parts of a castle. 






In English we have been exploring poetry. Some of our favourite poems we have been reading in class were ‘A chubby little snowman’ by ANON and ‘cats’ by Eleanor Farjeon and ‘Tiger’ by Mary Anne Hobberman. 



In maths the children have been learning about halving. We halved objects, shapes and quantities. We learnt that a half is one of two equal parts. 



In computing this half term the children have been learning about algorithms.  The children have been learning that it is important to follow an algorithm correctly

In this task the children were asked to design a picture, drawing around 2D shapes.  The children were then asked to break down their designs.  They drew it in step-by-step stages, so that somebody else could recreate it.



In D.T the children have been learning about the sliders and levers.  They explored different books with sliders and leavers and made their own lever using card and split pins.



In art, the children used Microsoft Paint on the laptops to recreate Squares with concentric circles.  This was based on the work of Kandinsky.



In maths, the children have been introduced to the part-part-whole model.  Using this method the children were asked to find as many ways as they could to make 5 when adding two numbers together.



In Geography, the children have been on a bear hunt!  They were given photographs of where a bear was spotted. Using the clues they had to work out where the bear had been and find that location.



In English we have been looking at ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’.  We have been acting out the story using our own actions to help us remember the sequence of events.  We have also been writing sentences about what happened and checked our work for full stops and capital letters.


We have been counting sets of different objects and tried to record the amounts in numerals and words.



In art we have begun to explore watercolour techniques. We looked at what would happen when we used lots of water compared to a smaller amount of water on our paintbrush.



Where we live!


In geography, the children have been looking at where we live in the world.  They created a flip book to begin to understand the bigger picture and scale of how we fit in to a much wider community.