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Here we will show you some of the amazing work we have been doing in Y3. Check back for regular updates.



We have been looking at pointillism within our Art lessons. We have really enjoyed creating scenes of Basingstoke using this technique.  Can you recognize the places in any of our paintings?


Explorer Dome

We had a visit from the explorer dome this week. During our session we looked at mixing colours of light and explored how light can reflect and travel through different mediums. We also proved through a variety of experiments that light travels in straight lines. 

Stone Age Day


In the morning, the children learnt about Stonehenge and then recreated Stonehenge out of plastercine. Then the children investigated "Stone age poo" to see what the Stone Age people would have eaten. 

In the afternoon, we made our own paint out of different fruit. We used this to create our very own cave paintings. 

Black History Month


This month the children have been learning about a range of significant figures in black history. They have watched a range of videos about different people such as Rosa Parks and Mary Seacole. Also as part of their reading sessions we looked at a non-fiction text around Martin Luther King Jr. 

Georgia O'Keefe observational drawing


The children created their own poppy pictures inspired by Georgia O'Keefe using oil pastels.

Milestones Museum trip


This week Year 3 really enjoyed their trips to Milestones Museum. In the morning, the children learnt how to make Lego Mindstorm robots and programme them so they moved in straight lines. In the afternoon, the children learnt move the robots to the left and right as well. Following this, the children then worked in pairs to get their robots to move around a maze. 

Maths: Place Value

This week we started learning about place value. We used practical apparatus to show different ways of making 2 and 3 digit numbers. 

English: George's Marvellous Medicine

This week, we started reading our new text: 'George's Marvellous Medicine'. In English, we made and wrote about our own potions.