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This week in maths we are going to be completing our multiplication and division unit and beginning our work on simple fractions. For the fractions work later in the week, it would be really helpful if you could have some objects your child can cut in half for example fruit, cake, sandwiches, shapes made from playdoh, shapes cut out of paper etc - anything that they can use to show that they understand what a half is! 



Today we will be completing our end of unit assessment - this is nothing to worry about - parents I have explained in more detail at the beginning to the pdf document below with the work in. The video is a revision of all we have covered so far smiley


Today we are starting our fractions topic by finding half of an object or shape. It would be useful for your child to have access to some paper shapes or physical objects which they can cut in half, these could be fruit, cakes, bread etc, or shapes made from playdoh or modelling clay. There are more ideas in the pdf document and video. 


Today we are revisiting finding half of a quantity. You may find it useful to have access to some small objects again similar to those you have used for multiplication and division - pasta, sweets, small toys etc. 


Today we will be finding a quarter or objects and shapes, so again it would be useful if your child has access to objects and paper shapes that they can cut or fold into quarters.