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Maths Investigation 1 - Capacity

In this lesson you are going to be making your own potion to make your parents lose their voice. Below is what you will need. Watch Video 1 to see how you can gather your equipment and ingredients (it requires a bit of imagination). Then watch video 2 to guide you through the rest of the recipe.



- Bowl

- Spoon

- 6 cups

- bottle



- Zebra spit

- Monkey snot

- Dragon’s blood

- Melted Ogre earwax

- Liquid witches fingers

Capacity Video 1

Watch this video first to help you gather everything you need for the investigation.

Capacity Video 2

Watch this after Video 1. It will guide you through how to make your potion.


Make your own potion and write down the recipe for it. Decide what you want your recipe to do (e.g. make your parents sing).