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Remembrance assembly

This week we had a special assembly all about Remembrance day.  The children learnt about what happened in WW1 and WW2 and why we wear poppies to help us remember.  We also looked at photographs and heard about Jimmy Hasler who served in WW2, he was Mrs Searle's Grandad. She told us how he used to tell her about what the war was like, where he had been and what he had done to help the country.  We also learnt about Sgt Mike Bridges, who is a friend of Mrs Searle and until recently was in the Army.  We saw photographs of him in his uniform and were able to look at the medals he has been awarded.  Sgt Bridges has a medal for 1000 days in active service we were surprised to find out that this is the same amount of time that had passed from one of our YR children being born to today!  He also lent us some of his protective equipment that he used when he was in Afghanistan.  We all felt that he was a very brave man and are grateful to him and all the other soldiers who go and work in dangerous places to help keep us safe.  One of our children tried on the helmet and was surprised to see how heavy it was! We finished our assembly with a two minute silence so we could think about all that we had heard.  All of the children took part and displayed very respectful attitudes throughout.