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Good afternoon kids!


I know some of you have been making a huge effort in taking part in Joe Wicks daily PE workouts, which is great - keep going! However, I thought it might be nice for you to get outside in your gardens or around your house to take part in some different creative PE activities, which will get your competition juices flowing! I’ve attached some pictures of the activities given by the people who have organised the School Games Mark May competition!


Hampshire School Games are the people who organise the local sport events and competitions that I have taken some of you to, so they are experts in sports! This School Games Mark May competition will help you practise your PE skills, whilst helping you to set your own targets, achieving them and beating them, building your self belief!


Not only are there daily awards for people who enter the competition and get their parents to post their attempt on their Twitter or Facebook pages, but there are also prizes for schools! So, we are actually competing between other local schools! Therefore, we need as many of you to enter as possible!!


If you would like to take part then you will need to follow the instructions on the worksheet, complete it with your scores and send your sheet through to your teacher. They can pass it on to Miss Wilson, who will then send the school’s results each week.

Things to include when you’re sending your results through without the record sheet:

  • First name 

  • Year group

  • Name & Day of challenge

  • Score


I'll add a picture of the daily challenges to the stream and the classwork page so you can quickly find the challenges for that day. There is also a Hampshire SGO Twitter @HampshireSGO and Facebook page that your parents can follow, which I believe might have some challenge tutorials for you. 


*THIS WEEK IS SLIGHTLY DIFFERENT - you’ll need to complete these attached activities from today until Sunday, as a new batch of activities will be sent out on Monday.*


This is not compulsory but it is a great opportunity and I would like as many of you as possible to give the challenges a go! And if you’re still confused, check out the Youtube video attached to find out more info!


Can't wait to see how you've been getting on! :)


For Parents to follow and update the SGO (School Game Organisers) of your progress - 




Below is the the link to Joe Wicks the Body Coach's 30 minute PE lesson. Try and get everyone in your house involved.