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You all already have reading comprehensions in your learning packs  but here are some other ideas to help you practise your reading skills.


Enjoy :)


Miss Wilson & Miss Clayton

Audible Books

A story streaming service!

As long as schools are closed, Audible has announced that their children's books are free to listen to. This will provide you with the opportunity to read and listen to a wide variety of books that you might not have encountered before. Just visit the website to check out the books available!


Reading Eggs

This online tool is a great opportunity to practise your phonics and reading skills, whilst playing some great games that test your spellings and memory. Click the link below and give it a go! 


We've uploaded a how-to guide just in case you need a reminder about how to log in!


Miss W :)

Disney Comprehensions


Below are a range of comprehensions all based on Disney film trailers. You can decide which you would like to do. Make sure you read each question carefully - you may need to watch the trailer more than once! 


Miss Clayton