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Science Day

On Friday 24th November, the Federation celebrated Science Day conducting a range of fun and interesting investigations to inspire and motivate the children in developing their scientific knowledge and understanding. The day was well supported by local secondary schools that came to run a range of different taught sessions across all year groups including Year R!

Year R and Year 1 were visited by a teacher from Perins School who explored different bones and skeletons as well as exploring Newton’s third law of motion! The children loved learning about how forces cause movement including using air rockets and balloons.

Year 2 were visited by Miss Henderson and some of the students at Everest Community Academy. During their taught session the children developed and applied their understanding of different materials and their properties. This was done through making slime to explore what happens when it is stretched and twisted.

In the afternoon the children explored how to change the density of water in order to make an egg float. The children also looked at how kinetic energy is transferred when between two balls when they are dropped one on top of the other. They also explored how bubbles

The Year 3 children were also visited by Everest Community Academy. In their session the children learned about light and how it can be split into different colours using prisms to create a rainbow. The children really enjoyed the challenge and, although it was hard, they preserved until they achieved.

In the afternoon sessions Year 3 completed a rotation of investigations including looking at how a gob stopper dissolves in water as it is made from sugar. The children also looked a chromatography and how different coloured pens are made from a number of different colours.

Year 4 had a taught session with the Vyne School exploring the distance a range of different cans would travel and using this to calculate an average so they could predict what was in each can. It was a tricky investigation measuring the distance, time and calculating the averages.

In a rotation of investigations the children also explored how the amount of liquid in a bottle can affect the noise it makes when hit. The children did well to link to their knowledge and understanding of particles and how they vibrate to allow the sound to move. Both classes also explored why a rainbow is created when skittle are put in water concluding it was due to the water dissolving the sugar and food colouring.

In Upper School the children had a taught session led by the Vyne School in which they explored how to create a pop rockets. The children worked on mastering timing their reactions to ensure their rockets popped as close to 17 seconds as possible. Some children even managed to pop their rockets so high they landed on the ledge around the hall windows!

In class everyone loved the selection of experiments including exploring how the density of different liquids can be used to create a lava lamp effect. The children enjoyed most of all the ‘Candle Magic’ investigation where carbon dioxide was used to extinguish a flame even if it did take Miss Tamsett seven attempts for it to work!