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Week 1 6/1/21

Welcome to the new Year 1 Home learning page. Below you will find work for this week. We will be updating it daily so please keep checking back.  Each day you should find a lesson for maths, English, phonics, handwriting and one of the foundation subjects e.g. art, science or history. Don't worry if it is not your normal teacher in the video, the lessons are the same for the whole year group. 


We have got lots of exciting work planned for you and your grown-ups, we hope you enjoy it, stay safe and we look forward to seeing your work. We are missing you all already! smiley


See the video below for a little more information, and don't forget you can email us with any questions, problems, or photos and videos of your work. We look forward to hearing from you! laugh



This week in maths we are looking at counting in multiples of 2, 10 and 5. Children will be encouraged to count aloud in these multiples in a variety of ways and to look for the patterns in the numbers they say. A really effective way of spotting the patterns is through the use of a 100 square, pointing to or highlighting the numbers as they say them. Also watching videos and learning songs can help with remembering the pattern, see some links below.

Children will be expected to complete sequences with missing numbers, and apply this skill by counting money. Having a selection of 2p, 5p and 10p coins accessible for them to use to count will be very useful.



Please find underneath the English resources for the rest of the week.  These will be added to over the coming days.  Please also view the video for each session that can be found on the video section of the website.


We also have daily handwriting sessions with Ms Purdy. Please click the link below. 

Please ask your child which phonics group they are in to select the correct video, as they are tailored according to what they have been learning.. Hopefully they can remember if their group changed on Monday! 


Science Week 1


This week we are exploring and learning about how different objects move and what forces are used. Click on the link below to be taken to the video.


This week's art focus is on observational drawing. You will need paper, pencil and something to draw - I suggest a toy. See the video below for me modelling drawing a toy giraffe and please excuse the noise made by my 2 year old and cat in the background!! 

Keep active week 1 - each week we will be sharing activities to keep you active at home!