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Year R

In Year R we have four teachers. Miss Dainton in Class 1, Miss Clayton in Class 2 and Miss King in Class 3. Mrs Searle is the Early Years Leader who oversees the running of our Early Years Foundation Stage.


We are lucky to have a team of dedicated support staff, Mrs Claxson, Mrs Zhang, Mrs Sharma, Ms Pun, Mrs Haddon and Miss Thuilliez  who help us with our learning.


There is  lots of excitement in Year R at the moment as we have had our incubators and eggs delivered and are currently watching the chicks hatch.  We are looking forward to handling them next week and then they will go to live with Mrs Searle's friend Sarah. She has promised us updates and photographs so that we can continue to watch them grow.  We have also been very busy doing lots of other chick related learning activities.


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Our wonderful world curriculum letter


After a very hot and sunny adventure day last week, this week was not so warm.  In fact it poured with rain but this did not stop Year R enjoying being outside.  This week we have made dens from sticks and other materials that we foraged for in our woods.  We also enjoyed making, cooking and eating damper bread around the fire. 

Traditional tales curriculum letter

Under the sea-curriculum letter

Super Half Term

This half term has been super busy.

We have been learning about superheroes, the incredible Supertato,people who help us and this week we are celebrating Chinese new year.

Throughout the topic of superheroes we had visits from the naughty evil pea who kept making mischief within all 3 classes. We also had a visit from the air ambulance and we are planning a trip to the post box to post an extra special letter. Parents keep your out of for something special in the post over half term.

We have also been leaning lots of new skills in our number times this half term including solving addition and subtraction problems by counting on and counting back, We have also been looking at 3D shapes and how to identify a 3D shape by looking at it's properties.




Important information:

Sounds for the week:

oo, or


Tricky words for the week:

like, put, what




Nursery Rhymes

Weeks beginning 13.11.17 and 20.11.17

We have been busy enjoying learning all about Nursery rhymes.

We had a nursery rhyme themed dress up day,  investigated the best

method to keep Humpty Dumpty safe and been singing a range of nursery rhymes to name  but a few activities.




Week beginning 6.11.17

This week we have been extremely busy. For the first time in both phonics and number time we have been going to different teachers to practice our numbers and sounds that we need to learn.

We have been exploring our bakery role play and have enjoyed taking orders, selling cakes and using real money.

Each class has also been using the structure of the story The Little Red Hen but have changed the characters to create a story of their own. 

We have also been beginning to attempt some simple addition during our maths this week.


Write dance: 

Each day we enjoy a 5 minute write dance session that helps us develop muscles to be able to write accurately.  This week we have done 'Walk through the country'.


Important information:

Sounds for the week:

j, v, w


Tricky words for the week:

he, she, me


Character of the week: 

Making links like Nina and the Neurons




Adventure afternoon 1.11.17

Adventure afternoon 1.11.17 1
Adventure afternoon 1.11.17 2
Adventure afternoon 1.11.17 3
Adventure afternoon 1.11.17 4
Adventure afternoon 1.11.17 5
Adventure afternoon 1.11.17 6
Adventure afternoon 1.11.17 7
Adventure afternoon 1.11.17 8
Adventure afternoon 1.11.17 9
Adventure afternoon 1.11.17 10
Adventure afternoon 1.11.17 11
Adventure afternoon 1.11.17 12
Adventure afternoon 1.11.17 13
Adventure afternoon 1.11.17 14
Adventure afternoon 1.11.17 15
Adventure afternoon 1.11.17 16
Adventure afternoon 1.11.17 17
Adventure afternoon 1.11.17 18
Adventure afternoon 1.11.17 19
Adventure afternoon 1.11.17 20
Adventure afternoon 1.11.17 21

Week Beginning 30.10.17

Welcome back to our second half term together

This week we have been introduced to the story of The Little Red Hen. All of the children have been using Makaton to retell the story and lots of the activities within the classroom have been linked to the story.


Important Information

Sounds - l, ll


Character of the week

This week we have been learning like Mr Making making our own choices.


Curriculum Letter - Autumn 2

Week beginning 16.10.17

This week we have been busy as usual. We have been using our sounds this week to write labels and captions about all the colours we can see in pictures. 

We have been on a number hunt on the castle counting sets of objects and writing labels for each object.

We also decorated our Diwali diva lamps using beautiful bright colours.


Everyone is getting very excited about the up coming stay and play this afternoon  where parents are coming to enjoy some activities that help promote physical development.


Important information:

Sounds for the week:

b, h, f, ff


Tricky words for the week:

go, no, the, is, a


Character of the week: 

Feeling proud like Topsy and Tim

Exploring like the Octanauts 

Week Beginning 09.10.17

This week we began our topic about 'Colour and Light'.

We have been finding out about the festival of Diwali and have been enjoying retelling the story of Rama and Sita.

Our role plays have become dark dens and we have been experimenting with light, reflection and things that glow in the dark.

During phonics this week we have learnt the sounds r, e and u as well as learning new tricky words such as 'I, to and into'. 

Number times have been a success as we are now able to recognise, count and write our numbers to 10.

Outside this week has been extremely exciting as we have introduced our  wood area workshop and have been shown how to stay safe when using hammers.

Finally, we have been looking at different ways to pretend and play just like Mr Tumble.

Week Beginning 02.10.17


This week we have learnt the sounds g, o, c and k. The children have been busy using their sounds to begin to read some CVC words.

We have been working with the numbers 6, 7 and 8 during number time and have been on a number hunt outside.

Year R have been challenged this week with trying to find rhyming pairs and continue a rhyming string by matching objects that sound similar such as cat, hat and bat.

We were also introduced to the character Peter Rabbit to encourage us to have our own ideas when working in the classroom.

This past fortnight has been extremely busy in Year R.

The children are becoming familiar with one another and building new friendships.

With some help from the grown up's in each of the classrooms the children are becoming familiar with the routines and rules. This week we have been learning all about how to play safely on the castle in the playground.

We have started learning sounds and some of us are beginning to use them in our reading and writing. We have been working really hard on trying to hold our pen's correctly to form our letters and numbers.

We have also started taking pictures home to share with our grown ups. 


Year R are currently enjoying our first week at school. We have been very busy settling in and learning the routines. We have been exploring our new classrooms and making lots of new friends.


Please come back next week when we will be sharing some pictures of the learning we have been doing in our classrooms

Some of our areas of learning set up ready to explore.