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Curriculum Leaders: Toni King


At Oakridge Schools Federation we recognise the vital role that computing plays in our everyday lives. It is something that is constantly developing and improving across all areas of the world. We aim to teach computing through a number of different ways such as: problem solving, linking computing skills to real life, breaking down abstract concepts through ‘unplugged’ lessons and develop children’s resilience when dealing with larger tasks. We will develop and foster their enthusiasm to question the world in which we live to enable them to make suggestions in using the best programs for a given goal.


The children constantly embrace ‘online safety’ through taught lessons and dealing with issues ‘in the moment’. We aim to work collaboratively with parents and carers as well as other agencies to ensure that our children are safe users of technology.


Our children will be encouraged to:

  • Ask questions about computing and online safety
  • Take risks with new skills taught
  • Make and learn from mistakes in a safe environment
  • Acquire and apply core skills which equip them for an ever-changing world
  • Become confident in using a range of technology for different purposes

Wherever possible, computing will be taught in meaningful ways for our children. The children will have the ability to use digital literacy skills across the curriculum to fully embed their skills. When looking around our school and talking to the children, this love of a digital world shines through.

Online Safety is more important than ever, especially in 2019 with many children having access to multiple devices. Please follow below link to our E-Safety page for helpful advice and support.