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Honeypot January 2024

Day 1 Monday 22nd January 2024


The children arrived safely and have been allocated their rooms. They have been discussing the rules.

Exploring the facilities during down time - the sun did come out

Personal Wellbeing - Worries

Egg drop - designing, applying and evaluating

1st night dinner

Day 2 - Tuesday 23rd January 2024


The children have had a good night's sleep and when I spoke to Mrs Muller at 7:00am this morning they were all still asleep. 



Pizza making this morning - today's lunch

Pizza topping chosen. Apparently the pizzas were delicious!

Positive relationships 

The children had to think of key words they associate with positive relationships. They then painted their representations of words.

The children looked at characteristics of certain animals. They decided what they are feeling now and what they would like to be more of in the future. They then designed their own hybrid creature using the characteristics they had looked at earlier. The children then made their animal using clay. 

Day 3 - Wednesday 24th January 2024

New Forest Wildlife Park visit

Mrs Muller shared that the fallow deer, otters and wolves were the children's favourites. They all had a fantastic time exploring the park. It also helped as the weather was much better today too!

No rain today means time outside in the grounds playing on the equipment

Meet Cecil, the resident crocodile...

Designing their own wildlife parks. Copies will be sent to the park for consideration. Question is will any of their suggestions be used? 

Day 4 - Thursday 25th January 2024

The last sleep has been had and the children are looking forward to returning home to their families. However before they do they have to graduate. 


Hanging out - some downtime

Well what can we say... the children have had an amazing week and we are very proud of them all. They have developed key skills over the week and for many this was the first time they have been away from home. 


A huge thank you to Mrs Muller for accompanying the children. She has had such a good week and was just as excited as the children on their return.


Final thanks go to the Honeypot Charity and their fantastic staff - Becky, Vicky, Rob, Paul and all the other staff and volunteers - who along with Mrs Muller have provided the children with excellent care, support tailored to meet individual needs and many many happy memories. 

Mrs Muller