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Oakridge Junior School

Senior Leadership Team
Diane Charman – Executive Headteacher
Claire Cameron – Executive Deputy Headteacher

Harriet Cryer – Assistant Headteacher

Libby Searle – Assistant Headteacher & Early Years Lead
Meghan Tamsett-Tate – Assistant Headteacher (Adoption leave)

Dave Tickle – Assistant Headteacher


Year 3


Class Teacher

Support Staff

Class 1

Molly James

Katie Wombwell

Class 2

Dave Tickle and Taylor Cameron

Class 3

Amy Jones

Year 4

Class 4

Anna Quick

Steph Parkin

Class 5

Jess Chisnall and Michelle Scott

Class 6

Emma Becousse

Year 5

Class 7Eleanor Potts

Susie Jackman

Class 8

Laura Gilchrist

Class 9

Sinead Wilson

Year 6

Class 10

Harriet Cryer and Laura Oswald

Penny Bridgeman 

Class 11

Sam Davison 

Class 12

Katie King


Additional/Cover Teachers

Sophie Irving

Tatiana Hardyman

Meghan Tamsett-Tate (Adoption leave)

Hannah Purver (Maternity leave)


Sports Coach

James Ashby

Jordan Westbrook


Federation Inclusion Leaders (SENCO)
Ceri Frost 

Claire Cameron


Pastoral Support

Dani Bartlett


Intervention LSA (SaLT)

Lucy Green


Lunchtime Supervisors
Tina Corby
Sarah Reed

Maria Saunders


Admin Team
Belinda Evans – Business Manager & DPO
Jane Smith – Senior Admin Assistant


Site Team
Mohamed Yahyaoui - Site Manager

Ewa Kaneiwska – Cleaner
Maria Saunders – Cleaner


There are no members of staff with a gross salary of £100,000 or more.