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Creative Writing Challenge!

Attention Everyone,


Every Monday we will be releasing a new creative writing challenge to this page because we are all starting to miss reading your wonderful writing!


You can email your writing to us at: or

Please remember to include your name and class so that we can get your work to the right teacher.


Or tweet us (OakridgeFed) using the hashtag #oakridgewriters


We will also be uploading the challenge onto Google Classroom each Monday so that you can upload your work, read each other's and receive feedback easily from your teacher. 


We will do our very best to read anything you send in and celebrate your entries. We hope to share some of your creations on this very page if you are happy for us to do so.


Warm up your pens and pencils and get writing; good luck!


Miss Cryer  & Mrs Millington :-)

Infant challenge week 14

Infant challenge week 13

Infant challenge week 12

Infant challenge week 10

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Infant challenge week 8

Creative Writing gallery

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Week 2

Write a Rainbow for the NHS

Week 1


At Oakridge, we pride ourselves on setting exciting ‘hooks’ for writing that are both imaginative and meaningful. This means that the children have a clear purpose and audience for writing and thus can identify writing as a powerful tool for communicating real messages.


Here are some of our current ‘hooks’ for writing across the Federation:

  • Year R- Caterpillars

  • Year 1- Goldilocks crime scene

  • Year 2- Year 1 transition leaflets 

  • Year 3- Twisted Fairy tales

  • Year 4- How to Live Forever

  • Year 5- The Ways of the Wolf

  • Year 6- Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them  


Every class has English for at least one hour a day. These lessons follow an English ‘learning journey’ which begins with the hook. The children are then immersed in the text type to support their knowledge and understanding of existing models that they can use to inform the style and structure of their own writing. Following on from this they are taught key writing skills. This could be a skill taught to the whole class or it could be a skill matched to a child’s particular learning need. Children are then expected to apply these skills to an ‘apprentice piece’. This is their first attempt at composing a full piece of writing that matches the style or purpose being taught. This ‘first attempt’ enables the teachers to identify which skills will need further teaching and consolidation before the ‘final piece’ is written at the end of the unit.


Periodically we also ask the children to complete a ‘site of application.’ This simply means they will be set a writing task that does not necessarily relate directly to their current unit and requires them to write in a style they have learnt about previously, with minimal input and support from the teacher. This ensures they have additional opportunities to practise writing for a range of audience and purposes and also allows the teacher to identify very clearly, which skills they can transfer and apply independently.

Writing overview for Year 1 and Year 2 2019-2020

Writing overview for Year 1 and 2 2018-2019

Examples of writing from the infants ...

Examples of writing from the juniors...