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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!


In Year 5, we are taught by Miss Clayton, Miss Purver and Mr Tickle. Sometimes the children will also be taught by Miss Chisnall. We are also lucky enough to be supported by our dedicated and hardworking LSAs Mrs Bridgeman and Miss Jackman who will support the children in class.


We ask that the children have their PE kit in school for the whole week as PE days will change from week to week due to timetable changes. 


This week, Monday 16th May, we have had a visitor in school to tell us more about the Vikings. The children have learned about some more key events of the Viking period as well as explored some of the Viking weapons – we particularly loved some of the different ways Vikings would kill their enemies. Sig (our Viking visitor) also showed us a range of different artefacts from the time period which we were able to handle and look at. We were particularly impressed when we learnt how Vikings would clean their bowls with ash from the fire, and also when we became Viking warriors ourselves!


Earlier in the term, we have explored biographical writing and linked this to Black History Month by researching and writing biographies about influential black people. We really enjoyed learning about how these people have made huge steps in improving the lives of black people by promoting and showing that all people are equal regardless of their skin colour or culture. 


Below are some of the examples of the work we completed.




Matilda's Diary

The children have been typing up their diary writing from their unit on Matilda. Here are some of their diaries:


Dear Diary,

What a day I've had! This morning, I was out with my friends on a trip -we were looking for bugs. I was curious of what we would find. It was me (Matilda), Lavender, Bruce and Hortensia. Whenever I'm with my friends, it always feels like I'm over the moon. Suddenly, Lavender caught a frog! Eww why was it so slimy? Well that's what we thought, until we found out it was a newt (we named her Natasha the newt).

   That's when all the fun ended. Terrorizing Trunchbull pulled up (oh no!). I had to pack my stuff up so fast. Why was she looking at me? She started booming over to me- like thunder. Quickly, she grabbed my arm! She pulled me along the floor, giving me no chance to slow down. I was speeding along so fast my bag was falling off. What did I do? Wait……..HER OFFICE??!! Miss Trunchball slammed me into a dirty room that was smelly, appalling and had nails in the wall- what a hell hole! My heart was in my mouth.

   I think I must have been in that wretched place for at least half an hour! Until ….MISS HONEY SAVED ME!!!!!!!!! I felt like I needed to ball my eyes out with happiness. Finally, I was so relieved to see the only person who cared. When me and Miss Honey got back to class, Miss Trunchball was holding a boy in the air by his ankle! How could she?! After she dropped him, she sped over to Amanda. She screamed at her to spell, which was a bit harsh. So we all spelt the word difficulty with a poem. I thought she would be proud but she screamed like a bird( what’s the problem, I mean she wanted us to spell?) Why is she shouting at Miss Honey? OMG A NEWT WAS IN HER DRINK!!! Was that Natahsa!? LOL she was drinking the water, how funny. When she saw the newt- Natasha- she started blaming me. Why me? Then… just then…. IT TIPPED OVER!!! The newt was on her. Although I know how funny it was that a slimy, green newt attacked Traumatizing Trunch and everything,but I made that glass tip over. I know me! How?

   After the lesson, I admitted it was me. Miss Honey tried to reassure me I didn’t tip it over. So to prove her wrong. I got a cup and water. I poured the water in ready to blow her mind. I was determined and was focusing like crazy! Tip over, Tip over. Why wouldn’t it move? My wonderful teacher tried to tell me that what happened before was just a coincidence. I felt so defeated you wouldn’t understand. It was like i just walked on glass- I was so hurt. 

I hope Miss Trunch learns her lesson and leaves me alone.

M xoxo


Dear Diary,

   OMG!!!You wouldn’t believe what a day I had.Not a word!!!It all started when me and my new friends were on a school trip.I was bursting with joy since this was my first one!In the trip,we were out looking for water bugs.We found a newt and decided to name it Noah. Isn’t that a good name?Afterwards,we put it in a jar and brought him back to school. 

   As we got back from the trip,everyone was in such a hurry.I wondered why.Soon enough I found out.Are you ready?Ms Trunchbull had just arrived and boy did she look mad.She marched up to me and grabbed my arm soo tightly.I was soo confused.Why am I being blamed?What had I done?Questions spun around in my head.Anyway,she kept on dragging me not listening to a word I had just said.Before stuffing me in the chokey she explained that my dad had sold her a faulty car. Ok so what???So now remind me again why this was my fault!!!Inside the chokey, it was pitch black and had nails and other sharp objects out from nowhere.It was soo scary!! 

   I was struggling to breathe and didn't know if I would make it. I was aching for air!After a few terrorizing  minutes,Miss Honey (my teacher) came and rescued me from the cuboard of agony.How on earth did she know that I was here?It didn’t matter since I was saved!!I hugged her if it was the last time.She was my hero (with a heart of GOLD)!One I reached my classroom,I was horrified to see that Trunch was now teaching my class.This was just great!I quickly walked over to my seat so that Trunchbull wouldn’t notice me.All of a sudden,Lavender walked up to her with a jug of water and a glass.She tipped over the water in the jug to the glass  and to my surprise Noah-the newt from out trip earlier-was in it.Suddenly,everyone started whispering  and giggling and the Trunch looked suspicious wondering what's happening.She finally noticed it and said it was a snake-WHAT A PATHETIC IDIOT!-bravely I stood up and told her it was a newt.Then she blamed me!! Isn’t that unfair?Being blamed is not one of my favorite things to do.I was soo angry that I wished that the glass would just tip over.If only I could… 

   Out of nowhere,Noah(the newt) sprung out of the glass and clung onto Miss T’s clothes.Terrified she kept moving around trying to shake it off.It looked like she was dancing! LOL! Everyone was laughing their heads off and I was too.(I couldn’t help it)!

   After the lesson,I tried to convince Miss Honey that I had done it.BUT GUESS WHAT???She didn’t believe me.I felt like a LOSER!

   I really hope I have a better day tomorrow.         LOVE Matilda 


Dear Diary,

   You won’t believe what happened to me today. I was put in the CHOKEY! Let me explain.

   So first when we were by the river, we caught a newt and we got a brilliant idea - we could prank Miss Trunchbull! We were jumping for joy! Just then, Miss Trunchbull (the scariest nightmare for any child) came storming in. We all rushed in. Suddenly she started screaming at me. Why me? My feet were rooted to the spot.

   Then she grabbed me by my shoulder, which really hurt, and started dragging me to the Chokey. Apparently, it was because my dad sold her a faulty car. How is that my responsibility? Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, was dragging me to the Chokey - I was cowering in fear. Then she threw me in and locked the door. I was so fortunate to not get a nail pierced through me. Trunchbull’s a real blood boiling monster - she definitely got a kick out of it.

   Meanwhile, while I was having fun (not) in the Chokey, all of these things happened. Lavender told me at lunch. She said that she had poured the newt into the beast’s jug. Miss Trunchbull said that she hated little kids - she should  know that she used to be a kid too. So, why on Earth would she hate us? And then… oh! I forgot to say I was back by then. So, when I came back, SHE WAS HANGING A KID UPSIDE DOWN BY HIS ANKLE! Then she filled up her glass. Excitement bubbled up inside me. I stared at the glass to tip it over until my eyes watered like a waterfall. And then… it toppled over! This was the funniest moment of my life! It began squirming all over her - she was wobbling like jelly!

   It was lunch time. I was telling Miss Honey about the glass and how it was me who toppled it over. I don’t think she believed me, so I showed her. I didn’t work though, my heart sank like an anchor. Anyways, I’ve got to go now.

      I’ll write again soon,      Matilda.    


Dear Diary,

   You would never guess what happened to me today! Do you remember the newt? I was pretty surprised you could find those in the local stream… Anyway, this morning we studied and consulted the encyclopedia about it, and suddenly Miss T clambered out of her car, red with rage. I don’t know why! I know I was rooted down, because before I could go to class, Miss Trunchbull grabbed my shoulders and pushed me to a dark plastered green chamber, with the words “Headteacher Trunchbull’s Quarters” illustrated on the door. She then shoved me in the Chokey. I was as rooted as an oak and as alert as a hawk, It all happened so fast! The scent of ebony stung my nostrils, and I started to tremble so hard that I could topple like my brother Mike's house of cards-he will never forgive me! Anyway, after an age, Miss Honey (the nice one) came and opened the door, releasing me from the horrible cupboard. I was so confused as to why I was sent there, but I guess it happened. Miss Trunchbull is so unfair! Miss Honey cleaned me and brushed off my dust and brought me to the classroom.

   And there stood the mighty Trunchbull. I did forget it was Tuesday. She was hanging Henry by his ankles, and she nimbly dropped him to his desk. My relief was quickly extinguished, as she thundered past me to Amanda. She quizzed her on her spelling, she stated she could spell difficulty. That word is a piece of cake! I recovered my memory and remembered she taught us a poem for difficulty. She recited the poem, Miss Trunchbull cracked her riding crop. She loudly expressed her opinion on the poem (no prizes for knowing how she felt!). She walked over to her steel jug, and poured a glass of water.

I was dumbstruck.
   A newt plopped into her glass, and Miss Trunchbull took a gulp of newt-water. Yuck! This was kinda funny though, and a few odd giggles filled the room. Soon,practically in six seconds, the room boomed with laughter, wouldn't notice if the cupboard collapsed!
   Miss T seemed to notice we were looking at the sloshing cup,and she looked down; I don't know if she’d seen a ghost - but it looked like it! She started blabbering like an idiot, and her bloodshot eyes darted to me. I started sweating so much that I could fill the Grand Canyon. Miss Trunchbull accused me of pulling the devious trick, but I persisted and I kept fighting and denying that I did it. I knew it was Lavender, but would you tell on your BFF? I got so angry that I gave up. I got deaf to her insults and focused my anger to my vision and…

   Oh! My dad was calling me, write again in a few!    Matilda.


Dear Diary,

   Sorry for the suspension, Miss Honey came round and said positive things to my Father but he made me watch TV as a punishment! What did I do wrong? Anywho, returning to yesterday, me and my friends were on an educational trip. It was so fun! I’m so surprised that Trunchbull, the worst person I know, let us do this. Guess what? We ,well Lavender, found a newt! I was beaming like a ray of sunshine! Was school changing its way? We should call him Trito after the common name for newts - Tritones.

   As soon as we arrived back at our institute of learning ( or should I say institute of Trunchbull), the pugnacious woman caved in on me - I was cowering in the shadow of the Trunchbull. Apparently my dad sold a faulty car! Grr!  I hate him,he only ever thinks of himself! Uhhhhh!  Calm down Matilda,calm down.  Then she threw me into .. The chokey! Noooo! My hope of an education diminished before my eyes. I was .. MISSING CLASS! 

   My past self was a detainee in this dark dingy locker. Was I in hell? Was that my end? Maybe I was dead and revived.. Was I a ghost? I then touched something , my arm didn’t go through! Woohoo, I was over the moon!

Okay enough about that , back to the story. I wanted to sit but I couldn’t , there were nails! My legs were buckling. Would I ever see the light of day again? OMG. Woohoo! Yay! I was bouncing off the walls! Miss Honey had saved me! But, weirdly, when I returned to class, all the colours were gone. Miss T was holding a child upside down by his shoe. Is she allowed to haul children around? After dropping the child, she poured herself a drink and downed it in seconds. Trito! He was in the glass! I concentrated on the cup.  

Gotta go, write later, Matilda x


Dear Diary,

  Sorry for the delay, I had to cook for my idle family! Anyway,I actually went on a school trip! Knowing Miss Trunchbull I was extremely surprised she even let us set foot out of school. We were trudging through the mud when Lavender spotted a newt! We all leaped, so excited we had found a living reptile - we should call it Norman.We all surrounded the scaly phenomenon. Was this what I had been hoping for,to find things with my fellow classmates?

    As we were returning to the historic building I had almost forgotten the dread of coming back after or merry school trip.The instant we arrived Miss Trunchbull yanked me by the collar and hauled me across the vast school.Great, ust after my enjoyable school trip I was heading for the chokey. My joyous mood had dissipated!

The chokey had shattered pieces of wood and crooked nails penetrating the walls.I was rooted to the spot.What was I to do?I was experiencing hell and I was only six!

   After what felt like hours, Miss Honey came and liberated me! The sight of her made me jump with joy!

   We quickly rushed to the classroom . Something was different though. It was like my classroom had been turned into a prison cell. My heart was in my mouth.Would the Trunch notice me? She walked towards the table like a tiger, slowly but intimidating. Then she picked up the glass on her table and derank from it.The class transformed into a class of hyenas! Afterwards the rotten apple started confronting me.But i was staring at the cup. Pay back time! The glass tipped over and the newt inside jumped onto the woman,crawling all over her .

   Meanwhile, Our Headteacher was screaming like baby while the newt explored her jumper.I gave her a taste of her own medicine! After she had left,I tried to show Miss Honey my magic but I ended up staring at  a cup like a fool.I was absolutely baffled! Why wasn't it working ?

Your annoyed friend, 




Art - Drawing People


Through our art unit this half term, we are exploring a range of techniques using pencil and pastels to draw people. We have begun by exploring the use of sketching pencils and how these pencils create a range of effects. We have then begun to explore the shapes used when drawing people and figures. 

Music - Boomwhackers

In music, we have started to explore our new instrument: boomwhackers. These have been great fun! We have experimented with a few different songs and how to play along in time to the music. We have thoroughly enjoyed this so far! 



This half term, we are exploring suspense writing using the video of Alma to inspire our writing we have begun this unit by watching the video and exploring features of suspense writing.


This half term, we are looking at Japanese art and using this as inspiration for the creation of our own pieces. We have begun the unit by exploring ‘The Wave’ by Katsushika Hokusai and then, using watercolours, created our own versions of this piece. 

Internet Safety Day 2021


As part of our work around internet safety, we have been exploring how we can communicate safely using different forms of internet communication. These different forms of communication included: SMS, email, video calls, instant messaging (Whatsapp) and YouTube videos. In doing this, we have been able to explore issues around privacy and information security including recapping the information we should and shouldn't share online. We then created presentation which we shared with the rest of the class. 

School Closure January Lockdown 2021


To use Google Classroom you will need your Google login and password which has been issued to you/your parents. If you have forgotten this then please contact the school office.  


Our Google Classroom is a secure learning platform which can only be accessed with each individual child login which is unique to each pupil. Once into our classroom, you will be able to access learning resources and send work back to the teachers. You will also be able to communicate directly with the teachers to receive feedback on what you have done as well as ask for help if you get stuck. 


To access the classroom use the link below or type into the address bar of your web browser.

Instructional lessons and videos for the lessons can be found on the video resource centre.


In our reading sessions this half term we will be reading 'The Boy at the Back of the Class' by Onjali Q. Rauf. Whilst reading the book we will be learning about what refugees and migrants are whilst developing our understanding of why these people leave their home countries like Ahmet does in the book. The children will primarily focus on their skills of selecting and retrieving information from the text before we begin to look at and learn how to make inferences from the text. 


In class, we have been working hard to learn about modern sculptures. In doing this we have learned about the life's of Anthony (Andy) Goldsworthy and Alexander Calder and how their art installations differ to each other. Using this knowledge we have then created some of our own modern sculptures in the style of Goldsworthy and Calder. 

R.E Advent Activities 

Advent Puzzle - refer to this each week


In Year 5 we believe homework to be of vital importance in preparing children for the for the transition to Year 6 and ultimately secondary school as well as to secure their learning from in class. Due to this, each week children will be set TWO pieces of English and TWO pieces of maths homework. Homework will be given out and due on the following days:


  Day homework set Day homework is due
Maths homework Monday  Following Friday
English homework Wednesday  Following Tuesday


Homework will be monitored regularly by the class teachers. Children who do not complete homework tasks will complete them in school in their own time.


Homework Projects will be set for children to complete on a termly basis. The projects enable children to develop their knowledge and understanding through a self guided process. Class teachers will give a list of suggested activities which could be completed as part of the project. Children will be expected to complete their projects and bring them into school by the due date in order to present them to their peers.