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Forest School

Curriculum Leader: Kath Clayton

Setting up the Compost bin

Class 4 helped to set up the compost bin today.  We talked about what a compost bin is and why it is important then we set to work.  First we had to dig a big hole to put the bin in,  we found several worms while digging.  We did our best to save the worms because they will be very helpful in the composting process.  We were then able to put in our first compostable items - tea bags and cardboard.


Setting and lighting the fire

Making bird food and building the 'Bug Hotel'


Class 7 helped to set the fire using the upside down method, this is where we have big pieces of wood at the bottom and small pieces on top.  Then Anya and Ilakiya used the fire strikes to create a spark and were able to light the fire after lots of persistence.  We melted lard on the fire, mixed in some bird seed and when it was cool rolled it into balls and filled up the bird feeders.

Class 7 also helped to create our new 'Bug Hotel', they used the hand drills to make holes in logs for solitary bees to nest in.