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Welcome to Oakridge Nursery.  Our Nursery is a happy and nurturing environment where children can safely play, explore and thrive.   The Nursery playroom and outside learning areas are exciting and stimulating, providing children with the opportunities to learn and develop in a fun and play based way.  Our skilled team get to know each child as an individual and create learning journeys for all based on their unique needs and interests.  The Nursery Team Leader who holds Early Years Teacher status, is responsible for the day-to-day running of the Nursery, overseen by the Infant School's Assistant Headteacher/Early Years Leader. 


Oakridge Nursery provides 40 spaces, including a maximum of 8, 2 year old places. We welcome visits to our Nursery at any time.  Please contact the school office and arrange an appointment with our Assistant Headteacher/Early Years Leader.