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Our intention is that our curriculum extends opportunity, raises aspiration, opens children's eyes to the world beyond their immediate environment, enables our children to live happy, healthy and productive lives and inspires children to learn more.

Early Years

In Year R your child will follow the Early Years Foundation Stage of Education. This is the education programme for 0-5 year olds that you child will have started in pre-school. The activities given to your child will help to develop their speaking and listening, mathematics and manipulative skills. Some activities will be individual and others will require working as a group, helping your child to develop co-operation. Some of the time your child will work on activities provided by the teacher. At other times your child will get the chance to explore for themselves and the teacher takes this opportunity to extend children’s learning through these self-initiated tasks.


Key Stage 1 & 2

Oakridge staff pride themselves on careful planning to enable the National Curriculum to be delivered in an interesting and purposeful way, ensuring that the basic skills are emphasised. Whilst adhering to the National Curriculum we aim to deliver the curriculum in a stimulating and creative way, utilising cross curricular links wherever possible. We believe that a balanced curriculum is only achieved through a further emphasis on other important areas such as Personal, Social and Health Education (Health and Wellbeing), Citizenship and Environmental Education, promoting not just a full range of knowledge and skills, but the important moral, religious and aesthetic attitudes which prepare children for the future.


We recognise that not all children learn in the same way. The teaching approaches that are used in the classrooms vary with staff using formal and informal methods. Children learn from a blend of single subject teaching and thematic based activities, making use of a range of audio and visual aids and computing to enhance their learning.


Curriculum Overview Federation

Click on each of the icons below to find out about what the children do in each subject. We teach geography and history through our Creative Curriculum lessons.