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Can I check which assignments have been handed in, returned or missed?

To help maintain an overview of the work which has been completed, handed in, returned or missed you can follow the steps below. 


Step 1: Enter the classwork tab (top middle of the screen).


Step 2: Open the 'View your work' link (circled in red below) in the top left of the screen underneath the 'Stream, Classwork, People'.



Step 3: A new page will open showing the assignments which have been set with their current status - see below.


On the right-hand side the status of each assignment can be seen. The meanings of these statuses are as follows:


Missing - Work has not been submitted by the due date and is still outstanding.

Turned in - Work has been submitted and is waiting for a teacher to view and mark.

Assigned - The assignment has been set for pupils but hasn't been completed and returned.

100/100 - The mark the work has been given by the teacher out of 100. (This will change                       dependent on the marking criteria).

Tick - The work has been completed, marked and returned to the student.