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Honeypot July 2023

The children have had an amazing week and we are very proud of them all. They have developed key skills over the week and for quite a few of the children this was the first time they have been away from home. 


A huge thank you to Miss Cameron for accompanying the children - she is looking forward to a good night's sleep tonight!


Final thanks go to the Honeypot Charity and their fantastic staff - Chanelle, Becky and Vicky - who along with Miss Cameron have provided the children with excellent care, support tailored to meet individual needs and many many happy memories. 

Monday 10th July - Day 1 

The children arrived safely and have been allocated their rooms. They have also been out exploring the grounds. 

Exploring the grounds

Personal wellbeing - worries

Egg Drop Challenge - the design stage

Egg Drop Challenge - making and testing

Egg Drop Challenge

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Still image for this video


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Dinner time

Tuesday 11th July - Day 2

Pizza dough making and exploring healthy relationships

Eating their homemade pizzas and finishing their portraits

Hedgehog Home Building - Children had to use natural resources found in the forest to build a shelter for hedgehogs. They then had to test how effective they were. Excellent team work all round.

The animal in me - Children explored positive personal characteristics linked to being an active citizen. Children were introduced to the book ‘Invented by animals’ to share how animals’ skills/behaviours support them being active citizens.

The children have had a really good day. They have worked hard on their key skills of communicating, listening, working collaboratively, respecting each other and independence. Dinner has been had and they are now reflecting on their day in their daily journals before having some free time before settling down for the night. I am in no doubt that they will sleep well tonight; well Miss Cameron is hoping as she is exhausted. Good night and sweet dreams :). 

Wednesday 12th July - Day 3 

Today started with a cup of tea

Food webs explored before heading out to the New Forest Wildlife Park

New Forest Wildlife Park Investigating facts about animals – their diet, habitat and wellbeing

Creating and Presenting Own Wildlife Park

Thursday 13th July - Day 4 

This morning the children have been busy packing and stripping beds. Some children even had a go at re-making their bed. 


Breakfast was a feast fit for a king or queen - pancakes! The children then took a little early morning quiz before starting their prep for their graduation. 



Early morning quiz and graduation preparation

Graduation ceremony - celebrating their successes smileyenlightenedyes

Extremely proud of all the children - congratulations!