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Children's Mental Health Week 2022

Children's Mental Health Week 2022


Letter sent home to parents/carers


This year’s theme is Growing Together and so children and adults will be encouraged to consider how they have grown and how they can help others to grow. A fantastic opportunity to spend time talking together is during the journey to and from school. 


To help support and encourage active travel on the way to and from school, My Journey Hampshire will be providing My Journey Funsize. These are small daily ideas for activities to do whilst travelling actively on the school run. If you want to participate in the activities do not forget to allow the time on your active travel school run. Alternatively, you can access them on the My Journey website.


So take the stress out of the school runs, improve the congestion and pollution levels around the school gates and try some new activities to engage with each other and connect with our surroundings. Have fun together trying out My Journey Funsize. 

The children used a website to raise awareness of children's mental health. This included be activity and moving along to songs and reflecting on the positive thought for the day.



Year R

We decided to make a positivity tree All the chicken enjoyed writing something good about them. We talked about what makes us unique and adults spend time with everyone thinking about what to write.

We have been focusing on positive mental health during Forest School this week. We have been focusing on resilience as demonstrated by Polly practising walking along the ropes in the first picture. We have had some mindfulness time outside where we laid on the ground under a tree, then we listened carefully to the sounds we heard and then looked at what we could see above us. We had some mindfulness colouring and reading happening in the hobbit house, the children were invited to read books about our natural world. We also had a trust game with a rope course and children had to lead a blindfolded partner around the course, they had to think carefully and use words to make sure their friend kept safe. We also had the crate challenge where children had to work together and listen to each other to move across an area of the forest using the crates and without standing on the ground.

Year 1 and 2 

The children have enjoyed participating in the imoves daily activities and learning a new positive quote of the day. 

Year 3


In Year 3, the children completed Mental health Week tasks, focusing on positivity. 

Year 4


In Year 4, the children thought about reflecting on their year so far, thinking about how they have grown, work they are proud of, their learning and their friendships. 

Year 5


In Year 5, the children have been looking at ways they can turn a negative thought into a positive one and ways they can make themselves feel better. The children had a wide range of ways that they use, including playing football with a parent, listening to music, drawing and even boxing with their brother!

Year 6


In Year 6, they discussed what mental health means and why it is important. They wrote down how they have grown this year, thinking about a challenge they have overcome or something they have improved on. They also thought about times when we need support and who could support us if we needed it.