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Curriculum Leader: Stuart Cameron & Jade Millar

The Religious Education curriculum at Oakridge aims to give the children a broad understanding and acceptance of world religions. The curriculum followed is set out by Hampshire County Council under it's "Living the difference" policy and is predominantly Christian in focus. Each key stage then follows a different religion.


  • Key Stage 1 - Judaism
  • Lower Key Stage 2 - Hinduism
  • Upper Key Stage 2 - Islam


We aim to build community links through the program of study, and where possible give opportunities for visitors to come into school to talk about their beliefs and cultures to foster a spirit of understanding.

Curriculum overview

Open the Book assemblies at the infants autumn 2019

Open the Book assemblies at the infants spring term 2020

Year 3 visit from the Rabbi


Rabbi Zvi Solomons visited the school, first taking an assembly for all the juniors then working with Year 3 to deepen and broaden their understanding of Sukkot.