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Year 3

Oakridge is Better Together

An Oakridge cover of Better Together by Jack Johnson. Staff across the federation have come together with the help of Miss Clayton to produce a music video. Enjoy :)

Home Learning Packs

This page has been set up to support you over the upcoming weeks. Our biggest priority is for our children to be happy and safe whilst continuing their education.


Please use this page to find learning for your child to complete at home. We are all around to continue to support you throughout this time so keep an eye on the page as there will be frequent updates.


Every Friday, we will be updating this page with more work for your child. If you are still continuing with work that is already on the website, that is fine to keep working on this. It is important to us that your child has work ready for when they need it. Remember every child will work at their own pace and that is ok.


It would also be hugely beneficial for your child to complete some exercise everyday too! Us teachers will be joining in with 'Joe Wicks Live' every morning at 9am. There is a link further below if you and your child would like to join in too.

Everyday essentials for your child:

Your child should complete each day:

  • At least one Maths activity
  • At least one Reading activity
  • At least one English activity
  • At least one Topic activity
  • At least one daily exercise (you could join us teachers at 9am following the 'Joe Wicks Live' - see the link further below


These activities could be using some of the websites below or from the tasks that we have put on this page. With regards to any topics set for English and their afternoon subjects, they should be worked towards each day and do not need to be completed in one go.


Websites to support your child's learning:

  • TT Rockstars and Numberbots
  • Bug Club 
  • Reading Eggs 
  • Mathletics 


Please find web links below.




Summer Term


Please find all of the new work uploaded for this current term below. The work uploaded before the Easter break is still on here but has been moved further down the page. Feel free to still complete any work from before Easter aswell but hopefully this reorganisation of our Year Three page should make it easier to navigate.


Here are the English Projects: (we hope you enjoy and have fun doing them, I know I am excited to see your entries)

Here are the Year 3 and 4 spelling words:

Creative Writing Challenge!


You might have seen the parentmail or email telling you about the creative writing challenge that our English Leader has set up for the whole school. Please find the challenge below, we look forward to receiving your entries!



Please still feel free to use Bug Club and Reading Eggs for your child's reading sessions if this is working for you. However, we have listened to feedback from parents and have found some children are finding this hard to use or are not that engaged with the resources. Therefore, we will be doing a reading challenge every couple of weeks and we will be uploading a few activities per week that your child could do. 


For the first week, we will just upload the reading challenges that your child can get started with. From next week, we will also upload some extra reading activities.





Please find some work below that your child could complete. This will be updated every Friday, during term time, with more work for the following week. Remember there are lots of great activities on Mathletics and your child can use TT Rockstars for their daily maths activity too!


Topic Work (afternoon subjects)


Each day your child should work towards one of these projects. Keep an eye on this section as it will be updated over the upcoming weeks. Remember these should not necessarily be completed in one afternoon and children should have enough time to create work of a high standard and does not need to be rushed.


Summer 2, Week 5, Seed Dispersal

Summer 2, Week 4, Seed Dispersal

Summer 2, Week 3, Pollination

Pollination Process

Summer 2, Week 2, Germination

Seed Germination | #aumsum #kids #science #education #children

Our topic for today is Seed Germination. The life of a plant begins from a tiny seed. The seed is protected by an outer covering called a seed coat. The seed...


Summer 1, Week 2

Parts of a Flower

Please watch this video to help you identify the different parts of a flower and their functions.

Summer 1, Week 4

Summer 1, Week 5

Week 3: 


Hi everybody, here is the music challenge for this week: 

Today I would love you to do some rhythm work using household objects. You can pick any song that you know and love and try and recreate it using household items!

I have attached some video examples! The more simple and recognisable the song and the rhythm that you repeat the better, I really hope that you enjoy having lots of fun with this. :)

(Parents, please remember that YouTube videos are public and to be wary of the comments section).

When Mama Isn't Home / When Mom Isn't Home ORIGINAL (the Oven Kid) Timmy Trumpet - Freaks

We thought this was hilarious. Hope you enjoy! This video has over 60 million views worldwide! Social Media: @jessconte To use this video in a commercial pla...

We Will Rock You on 7 Electric Devices

Queen's We Will Rock You played by an electric toothbrush, credit card machine, epilator, ladyshave, and three typewriters. You can see how the whole table s...

Week 4: The challenge this week is to make your own chant! Good luck and enjoy!

Week 5 (wb18th May) : The challenge this week is to perform this song about space! Enjoy!

Summer 2: Week 2 (WB - 08/06/2020)

Summer 2: Week 4! (WB - 22/06/2020)



We will be posting some computing challenges here. 


If you would like to show us what they have been up to you can always take a video of the coding they have created and send it to our lovely admin team. :) 


Below is the link to get onto scratch:


Summer 2, Week 5, Art

Summer 2, Week 3, 'The Dot'

Summer 2, Week 2, Art

Summer 2, Week 1, Art

Art - Flowers by Georgia O'Keefe


It would be great for you to have a go at creating a flower inspired by Georgia O'Keeffe. You should use what you have available, this might be one pencil, lots of colouring pencils or even paints or water colours. Don't worry if you don't have a lot of resources just be creative and use what you have.

Art, Summer 1, Week 2

Art, Summer 1, Week 3

ART, Summer 1, Week 4

ART, Summer 1, Week 5

Health and Wellbeing 

Our Health and Wellbeing topic for the following term is Relationships.


Week 1:  Create a family tree with the people in your household. See how far you can go back- maybe it is grandparents, or even great, great great grandparents!!! Make sure you show the relationships between the different members of the family. You could take a picture of the finished product and share them with us via Google Classroom or email the school office :)


Week 2: 

Did you know...

About 300 hours of YouTube video is uploaded every SECOND!
About 5 billion YouTube videos are watched every DAY!
About 6,000 new apps are created every day. 

This means we need to use our knowledge to decide which things we trust online and which we don't. 

We have previously looked at how to stay safe online and came up with rules as a class. 

This includes using the internet, gaming, apps and talking to others online. 

Present your knowledge on how to stay safe online- this could be through a powerpoint presentation, leaflet, poster or any other way that you choose. Please include some top tips for children your age. 

Be as creative as you want! We really want to see how much you know about being safe online, especially as it is so important right now! Include as much information as you can. 



Create a treasure hunt around your house. Write clues (or riddles!) to lead the player to the next clue and eventually the prize! This could be as simple as choosing what to watch on TV that evening or choosing what to have for dinner! Maybe your parents could also create one for you to complete :) 

Some fun Mental health activities





Listen to your favourite song and create a dance routine- this could even include the other people in your household! We would love to see these so share them with us through google classroom or via email to the school office. 


Also don't forget Joe Wicks and his workouts at 9am each morning. wink

What talent we have in Year 3...

A beautiful song that was recorded by a child in Year Three and sent in. We hope you all enjoy it as much as we did!

Here are a selection of pictures you might like...

Here are some pictures of hedgehogs to make you SMILE!

Spring Term


We have put all of the documents uploaded before the Easter break below. If you would still like to complete any of these activities feel free. They have only been moved to try and make it easier to use our Year 3 page.

English Projects

Your child should pick two of the projects below to complete for their English. This should be worked upon each day and not completed in one go.

Maths Activities

Your child should complete work towards a maths activity each day. This could be playing on TT rockstars or Mathletics.


Look out for some teacher set activities on Mathletics too.

Afternoon Projects

Each day, your child should work towards one of these projects. More will be uploaded over the next few days.


Health and Wellbeing

Create a healthy living leaflet about how to keep healthy. Think about what you have learnt about in our Health and Wellbeing lessons (healthy food plate, food labelling, exercise and drugs).


Call a relative or friend who is far away and have a chat with them.

Learn how to cook a healthy meal and then serve and eat it together.

Design a superhero and label it with its special features




Complete a story board retelling the Easter Story. The children have been learning about this during their lessons but there is a link below if they would like to remind themselves.

Story Board Template


Have a go at drawing some of the flowers around you (or use a picture online as a stimulus.

Drawing flowers


Use the steps below to draw your very own hedgehog! (You will find the picture below...)

Hedgehog step by step



Research and produce a mind map and fact file of the places you would like to visit in the world and why you would like to visit them. Be sure to include:

  • Where they are in the world
  • Their climate
  • Local history- has any significant event happened there
  • Tourism- what does a tourist typically do there?


Renewable energy- research what renewable and non-renewable energy is.

  • Create a table of the positives and negatives of each form of energy.
  • Create a model of a wind turbine using items that you have around the house.
  • Write a letter to the Government persuading them to use more renewable energy and how we can help at home and school. 

Welcome to Year 3!

Class 1 are taught by Miss Holly Tillcock.

Class 2 are taught by Miss Jade Millar.

Class 3 are taught by Miss Hannah Purver. 

The children are supported in their learning by our dedicated team of support staff: Mrs Wendy Burge (HLTA), Mrs Kim Waters.


Please see the Homework pages; if you have any questions, then do not hesitate to speak with your child's class teacher.


Maths homework will be handed out on a Monday and due in on a Friday. The children will go through this in class with their teacher. All maths homework links to the work children have been doing in class. 

English homework will also be handed out on a Monday and due in on a Friday. The children will also go through this in class with their teacher. The English homework will be focusing on spelling this half term.

Please make sure PE kits are in school all week.


Keep referring back to this page for regular updates about the children's learning. 

Autumn 2019 Newsletter

Spring 2020 Newsletter

Times Tables

“Pupils should be able to recite their times tables up to 12 x 12 by the age of nine.” - OFSTED, 2014. 

As a school we see the importance that times tables knowledge brings to a child's life and how it makes a noticeable impact on their maths. The children will be focusing on the 3s, 4s and 8s this term. Children should log onto their times tables rock stars account to continue to build on their knowledge and earn points in the process. 


Follow the below link to the Times Tables Rock Stars website:


Here is a link from a child's blog that was created for their project homework this half term.
The Year 3 children have settled back into school very well. This half term, they will be writing setting descriptions based on the book Journey by Aaron Becker. The children will also be reading Hodgeheg by Dick King-Smith within their reading lessons. 

Project Homework

The children have worked so hard with their project homework! It was a great afternoon for all of the year 3 children sharing their hard work with all three classes. Thank you for your continued support.

Science Explorer Dome - Light

Maths Day - Year 3 children had an amazing day at South View Junior School doing all sorts of exciting maths activities.

Some of our volcanoes: before the eruptions!

Longitudinal Study


The children have been discussing how we can grow different vegetables within the school grounds throughout the year.  Over the next few weeks, the children will be researching what vegetables will be suitable to grow at this time of year. Miss Tilcock will be working with some children to clear out the flowerbeds and plant our vegetables. 


If your child has a great interest in this, please feel free to send them into school with any books or research to share with their class.

Creative Curriculum


This term, the children are exploring about our 'Extreme Planet'. They have already started to identify the different climate zones and have been locating different mountain ranges. 


We are looking forward to receiving the children's volcanoes for their topic homework ready to erupt them. If you need support with your child's topic homework, please speak to their class teacher. 



In English, the children have been identifying the features of an instruction text. Throughout this topic, the children have been exploring how to write instructions using imperative verbs and time connectives. 


They have also enjoyed following different recipes and instructions as a class.




This term, the children are exploring how to create algorithms for their scratch characters. The children have been thoroughly enjoying their computing lessons.


The children have shown great determination towards their maths from the start of the year. It has been fantastic to see so many children trying to tackle different challenges within maths.