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Curriculum Leaders: Kamila Poet (KS1) and Kirsten Clayton (KS2)


At Oakridge Schools Federation we want the music lessons to be fun and inspiring, engaging the children with songs, lyrics and movement. We want the children to reflective and expressive themselves through music, developing their own appreciation for the music. All children are actively encouraged and given the opportunity to learn to play a musical instrument in lessons.


To help us achieve this in KS1, we use the Charanga Music School to support our music teaching, this is an online music scheme  with lots of visual aids and interactive resources to support your children's learning about music.  A steady progression plan has been built into Charanga, both within each year group and from one year to the next, ensuring consistent musical development.


To help us achieve this in KS2, we have revised our music curriculum to fit the new National Curriculum guidance with careful consideration given to the steady progression of each skill throughout the key stage. Links have been made across other foundation subjects to heighten your child's engagement within music lessons, alongside a range of visual and interactive resources to aid high quality music teaching.


Our KS2 aims are:


  • To enjoy listening to a wide range of music from different times and cultures
  • To enjoy making music based on different times and cultures
  • To perform with confidence and enjoyment
  • To sing with confidence and enjoyment
  • To develop composition and appraising skills
  • To develop a musical vocabulary with which to evaluate the music listened to
  • To provide a range of musical opportunities
  • To encourage awareness, enjoyment and appreciation of Music in all its forms.
  • To develop imagination and creativity.
  • To help children of all abilities develop positive attitudes and to experience success and satisfaction in music.
  • To offer opportunities to perform, compose, listen and appraise.


    At Christmas, Oakridge Schools Federation invite parents to join us for a Christmas Carol Concert to share Christmas songs we have been learning as a school. Key Stage 1 put on a nativity play with lots of singing and dancing choreographed and directed by the EYFS and KS1 teaching staff. 


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