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We had great fun at nursery celebrating World Book Day by dressing up as our favourite book characters, taking part in lots of reading activities and sharing stories. We invited our mummies and daddies to nursery to share books, story-sacks and reading stories as a group; it was lovely to share our love of books with everyone!
The nursery children had a very exciting morning when their relatives came along to a Christmas activity session. They had lots of fun making cards, icing biscuits, making reindeer food, decorating tree decorations and colouring Christmas pictures. They enjoyed sharing nursery with their visitors and said thank you for coming along by singing a selection of their favourite Christmas songs!

The nursery children have been very busy having lots of fun. The rain hasn’t stopped them from being outside where they have been playing with water beads, using the water wall, climbing on the obstacle course, using hula hoops and riding bikes.


Inside they have been taking part in ‘dough disco’ every day which helps strengthen the muscles in their hands – important for when they later start to write. They have been exploring lots of things in the sensory tray including cold cooked spaghetti, rice, glitter and shaving foam and this week the children have been talking about autumn, looking at different sized pumpkins and using tools to cut them open to discover what is inside as well as making 'pumpkin soup' in the mud kitchen!


We've had a very busy and fun first half-term!

It's been a busy couple of first weeks back at nursery. The new children have been getting to know everyone, exploring the classroom and the garden, as well as learning the routines and rules of nursery. We are very proud of how quickly the new children have settled in and how kind and friendly the nursery children who have remained with us have been towards their new friends.

We started our weekly forest school mornings last week and the children (and adults!) had great fun. They have been on a bear hunt, explored 'the jungle' and collected natural materials to make crowns. The children have been developing their physical skills by using the swing, climbing in the trees, balancing on planks of wood, climbing over pallets and rolling giant wooden reels. They can't wait to go back and explore some more!

The nursery children had an exciting time when lots of daddies, grandads and even a mummy, came to make cards for Father's day during our 'daddy week'. The children had fun using glitter, pom-poms, ribbon, feathers and lots of glue to make their cards together and were really excited to share part of their nursery day with their family.
The children at  Nursery have been very busy again! They have been playing with water, made a fish pond and fish, and created their own nets to catch them with. The children made volcanoes and designed and created their own ice-creams using shaving foam! They even used their mark-making skills to make posters to sell their ice-creams. They have had lots of fun using junk to create models including robots with moving arms and explored what happens when colours are mixed! 

At nursery this week we have had some very special visitors. Our eggs arrived and 6 ducklings hatched; the children were very excited and named them Bob, Charlie, Archie (after the new Royal baby!), Chloe, Rosie and Daisy. One of the ducklings had a poorly leg so Mrs Searle and Mrs McCoy made him a splint which helped his leg get better.

The children had lots of fun watching the ducklings in their cage and enjoyed giving them cuddles! The ducklings have now gone to live with a friend of Mrs Searle, who is going to send us regular duck updates!

This week in nursery we have all been fascinated by pirates and built a pirate ship, went on a treasure hunt and walked the plank! We also had a visit from a Police Officer and had fun trying on police hats,handcuffs and he let us explore his police car.
Oakridge Nursery opened for the first time today.  We celebrated with cake!