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2020 - 2021

Week beginning 11th January

This week the children have been developing their fine motor skills by threading, chalking on the giant blackboards and painting on the whiteboards in the garden and tracing numbers with pencils. They have been exploring technology; taking photographs of themselves and their friends and programming the Beebots to move around nursery. Engaging in role play, pretending to be doctors and working in a café, gave the children opportunities to develop their imagination and build their social and communication skills. Developing the listening area encouraged the children to explore the sounds of different instruments and painting using their fingers and objects, including small world animals, has promoted their creativity and mark-making skills. The very cold weather provided opportunities to talk about and explore ice, with the children keen to find out what happens when it melts!

Week beginning 4th January 2021

The cold weather hasn't stopped the children having fun in the garden this week where they made mud soup and cakes in the mud kitchen, using a recipe book to help them. They enjoyed playing in the role-play builder’s yard where they used their physical skills to balance and build and inside they have been developing their mathematical skills by building constructions with the giant wooden blocks. The children practised their fine motor skills by threading and by mark-making on giant sheets of paper on the floor and developed their creativity by painting and exploring what happens when they mix colours. The Very Hungry Caterpillar and The Gruffalo story sacks provided the children with opportunities to develop their understanding of how stories are structured and to begin to describe the story and its characters. They engaged in pretend play in the role-play book shop and further built on their mathematical knowledge by making patterns with the sorting bears and playing shape games on the Ipads which also supported their technology skills.

Week beginning 14th December

 This week the children have been taking part in group activities to explore rhyme and the rhythm in words and working together to create a giant chalk drawing on large sheets of paper. They used their mark-making skills to make tickets for a train journey and developed their imaginative skills when nursing the poorly dolls. In the garden the children had lots of fun making soup and carrot cake in the mud kitchen, explored what happens when colours are mixed and discovered how water moves along pipes. There has been lots of talk about Christmas and the children enjoyed looking at the Christmas tree and talking about the decorations. They had lots of fun making, and drinking, chocolate milkshakes as well as decorating Christingles; a lovely way to finish the term!

Week beginning 7th December

This week at nursery the children have been spending time in the garden practising their climbing skills, painting on the giant white boards and exploring textures and making marks in shaving foam.

Inside they have been developing their fine motor skills by using tweezers to pick up the sorting bears and then building on their mathematical skills by sorting them. Matching objects to numerals further developed the children’s mathematical knowledge. They enjoyed decorating Gingerbread men pictures with glue and (lots!) of glitter and took it in turns pretending to be teachers reading to the class! With Christmas coming, wrapping pretend presents gave the children opportunities to use scissors and they had fun colouring Christmas pictures on the Ipads and then printing them off in the office. With only one week left at nursery before Christmas, we’re all feeling very excited!


Week beginning 30th November


This week the children have been very creative! They have used junk to make models, both inside and outside, painted on the large whiteboards in the garden and begun to make-believe by pretending to go on a bus journey.  They have been developing their fine motor skills by threading cotton reels and making Christmas pasta necklaces as well as chalking on giant sheets of paper. Outside they have had opportunities to practice their climbing, balancing and throwing skills.  They have continued to develop their mathematical knowledge by sorting coloured bears, matching shapes and by feeding shape monsters! Sharing stories and props including The Room on the Broom and The Very Hungry Caterpillar have enabled the children to build their understanding of how stories are structured and to begin to join in with repeated parts of the text.  The children have been talking lots about Christmas and were really excited to decorate a Christmas tree and by the arrival of a cheeky Elf!

Week beginning 23rd November


This week at nursery the children have been developing their creative skills. They have been taking on roles in their play, cooking in the kitchen and pretending to be hairdressers. They have been exploring using their senses and have enjoyed feeling and beginning to describe different textures. In the creative area, the children used a range of available resources to make their own version of Forky from Toy Story 4 and then used them as props in their games.

The introduction of a new 'design area' situated in the construction area provided the children with the chance to develop their early writing skills alongside one of their favourite activities.  Lots of the children, especially the boys, have enjoyed using the new resources and taken a real interest in mark making.

Outside they have been jumping in puddles, climbing and negotiating their way around obstacles, developing their balance and jumping off the garden equipment. The cold, wet weather has meant lots of opportunities for them to practice putting on and taking off their coats, splash suits and welly boots; great for developing their independence!

Week beginning 16th November

This week the children have been developing their mathematical skills by counting, sorting and matching the number of objects to numerals. They have been practicing their fine motor skills by putting pegs in peg boards, using tweezers to pick up pom poms and posting small objects into containers. Outside they have been exploring what happens when you roll items down tubes and have been practicing their climbing and jumping skills. They have enjoyed using objects in paint to print and have been exploring the marks they make when doing finger painting. Some of our children talked about how they celebrated Diwali at home and in nursery we learnt more about Diwali, making Rangoli patterns and Diwali sweets – yummy!

Week beginning 9th November

 This week the children have been finding out about shapes and exploring colour and texture. They have been using their imagination to design and build with junk and have been exploring musical instruments and the sounds they make. They have been using their mathematical skills to sort and count and developing their hand-eye coordination by using keys to open padlocks. They have been baking in the home corner and using the role-play hospital to look after each other.  In the garden, the children have been busy making sand volcanoes, serving coffee in the café and preparing shaving foam ice-creams! On Friday they had great fun raising money for Children in Need by wearing their pyjamas to nursery; a lovely way to finish another busy week!

Week beginning 2nd November

This week the children have had lots of fun in the garden. They have been digging in the mud kitchen and making bridges, exploring emptying and filling containers with water, practising their balancing skills and have been mark making in the role play builder’s yard. They have enjoyed using the musical instruments in the garden and have been explorers going on a shape hunt! The children enjoyed using finger paints to make Rangoli pictures, developed their counting skills and had fun with the Whatever Next story sack. They made firework chalk pictures, explored spiderwebs in a den in the garden and put out fires when pretending to be Firefighters. The children made the most of the dry sunny days and toasted pretend marshmallows around a campfire in the garden!


The children have settled quickly into nursery life and have had lots of fun taking part in the activities on offer. They have been using musical instruments, developing their hand-eye coordination and exploring paint, shaving foam, mud and sand! They are beginning to make friends, are developing their social skills including sharing and turn taking and have had fun taking part in role-play experiences including a Vets, camping and a mobile phone shop. The children are working really hard, learning all the time and we have really enjoyed seeing all the lovely things that parents have been sharing on Tapestry. 


The children have had a busy first month at nursery! The new children have been getting to know everyone and are beginning to learn the nursery rules and routines. We are very proud of how quickly they have settled in and how kind and friendly the nursery children who remained with us from last year have been towards their new friends. All the children have had great fun exploring the classroom, the garden and all the exciting activities on offer. We are all looking forward to having lots more adventures together!

2019 - 2020

We had great fun at nursery celebrating World Book Day by dressing up as our favourite book characters, taking part in lots of reading activities and sharing stories. We invited our mummies and daddies to nursery to share books, story-sacks and reading stories as a group; it was lovely to share our love of books with everyone!
The nursery children had a very exciting morning when their relatives came along to a Christmas activity session. They had lots of fun making cards, icing biscuits, making reindeer food, decorating tree decorations and colouring Christmas pictures. They enjoyed sharing nursery with their visitors and said thank you for coming along by singing a selection of their favourite Christmas songs!

The nursery children have been very busy having lots of fun. The rain hasn’t stopped them from being outside where they have been playing with water beads, using the water wall, climbing on the obstacle course, using hula hoops and riding bikes.


Inside they have been taking part in ‘dough disco’ every day which helps strengthen the muscles in their hands – important for when they later start to write. They have been exploring lots of things in the sensory tray including cold cooked spaghetti, rice, glitter and shaving foam and this week the children have been talking about autumn, looking at different sized pumpkins and using tools to cut them open to discover what is inside as well as making 'pumpkin soup' in the mud kitchen!


We've had a very busy and fun first half-term!

It's been a busy couple of first weeks back at nursery. The new children have been getting to know everyone, exploring the classroom and the garden, as well as learning the routines and rules of nursery. We are very proud of how quickly the new children have settled in and how kind and friendly the nursery children who have remained with us have been towards their new friends.

We started our weekly forest school mornings last week and the children (and adults!) had great fun. They have been on a bear hunt, explored 'the jungle' and collected natural materials to make crowns. The children have been developing their physical skills by using the swing, climbing in the trees, balancing on planks of wood, climbing over pallets and rolling giant wooden reels. They can't wait to go back and explore some more!

The nursery children had an exciting time when lots of daddies, grandads and even a mummy, came to make cards for Father's day during our 'daddy week'. The children had fun using glitter, pom-poms, ribbon, feathers and lots of glue to make their cards together and were really excited to share part of their nursery day with their family.
The children at  Nursery have been very busy again! They have been playing with water, made a fish pond and fish, and created their own nets to catch them with. The children made volcanoes and designed and created their own ice-creams using shaving foam! They even used their mark-making skills to make posters to sell their ice-creams. They have had lots of fun using junk to create models including robots with moving arms and explored what happens when colours are mixed! 

At nursery this week we have had some very special visitors. Our eggs arrived and 6 ducklings hatched; the children were very excited and named them Bob, Charlie, Archie (after the new Royal baby!), Chloe, Rosie and Daisy. One of the ducklings had a poorly leg so Mrs Searle and Mrs McCoy made him a splint which helped his leg get better.

The children had lots of fun watching the ducklings in their cage and enjoyed giving them cuddles! The ducklings have now gone to live with a friend of Mrs Searle, who is going to send us regular duck updates!

This week in nursery we have all been fascinated by pirates and built a pirate ship, went on a treasure hunt and walked the plank! We also had a visit from a Police Officer and had fun trying on police hats,handcuffs and he let us explore his police car.
Oakridge Nursery opened for the first time today.  We celebrated with cake!