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2021 - 2022

Week beginning 16th May 2022


This week at nursery we have enjoyed the sunshine and spent time playing in the garden. We have enjoyed balancing on tyres, experimenting with rolling objects down tubes, pipes and boards and exploring the possibilities of large empty boxes by turning them into beds, boats and houses. In the mud kitchen, we have been developing our hand to eye coordination by pouring water from big jugs into cups and bowls and have developed our creativity by mixing sand, mud and water to make cakes and pies. We used our detective skills to go on a shape hunt and spent a long time looking at, and caring for a snail we found in the nursery garden.


Inside nursery we have been finding out about different occupations and had fun dressing up as nurses looking after each other in the role-play hospital. The curiosity corner has given us lots of opportunities to explore a range of objects and materials and we particularly enjoyed pulling funny faces in a range of mirrors. The best part of nursery this week was definitely preparing and making our own toast for snack time. We enjoyed using the toaster, spreading the butter and choosing which topping to have although the best bit was definitely eating it!

Week beginning 25th April 2022


This week at nursery, we have been working as a group to move things round the garden – using our muscles and co-ordination to carry round large tubes. We have been making marks using a variety of materials including chalks, crayons, wet and dry sand and water and inside we have been developing our early writing skills by copying letters. We have enjoyed exploring the sounds that instruments make and have danced along to different rhythms.


We have spent lots of time in the sand pit digging for treasure and filling and emptying containers and have used our imagination by cooking in the mud kitchen and on a pretend campfire! We have been developing our control and hand to eye coordination by using real tools to screw items together and to bang in nails and have really enjoyed moving our bodies in lots of ways on the garden climbing equipment.

Week beginning 14th March 


This week at nursery we have continued to enjoy being outside. At Forest School we have been sliding down mud slides, climbing trees, going on the rope- swings, playing chasing games and ‘cooking’ in the mud kitchen. We have really enjoyed regular visits to the Year R playground in the Infant school where we been playing on the fort, sliding down the slide, climbing on the climbing walls and rope-nets and running up and over the hills and exploring through the tunnels.


In the nursery garden we have been busy planting flowers and vegetables ready for the summer, using the climbing equipment, balancing on the tyres, working together in the sand pit to fill and empty containers and using giant chalks to make marks and draw pictures. We enjoyed having breakfast at snack time in the garden – making and buttering toast, eating cereals and milk and making our own fruit juice. We were very interested in frogspawn, looking at and talking about how it is changing – we are excited to see what happens in the next few weeks! We have been making lots of use of our new cosy reading area, snuggling up together and sharing books, stories and puppets. 

Week beginning 31st January


This week in nursery we have been very busy in the garden! We helped open the bags of sand needed to refill our sand pit and used spades, scoops and jugs to move it. We 'cooked' in the mud kitchen using the microwave, chopping boards, pots and pans and explored paint, making marks in it using natural materials including pine cones. We had lots of fun using the bubble machine and we talked about, and explored, seeds before planting our very own beans in pots - we can't wait to see them grow! At Imagination Land we played Duck, Duck, Goose and showed how good we are at following rules and listening. 

Inside nursery we celebrated Chinese New Year and really enjoyed tasting noodles, prawn crackers   and sweet and sour sauce. We built giant towers with Duplo and spent a long time laid on our tummies chalking on giant sheets of paper and on the floor. We had fun scooping and pouring sand into containers and played nicely alongside our friends when we made dinner together in the home corner. 

Week beginning 24th January


We have really enjoyed playing in the nursery garden this week and spent most of our time out there!

We discovered how hard we can blow when we mixed washing up liquid and water and then used straws to make bubbles; we had to be very careful not to suck on the straw though! We used tools including paintbrushes and little sponges to paint and explore colour mixing both in the tuff trays and on the large whiteboards. We used our senses to explore textures including dried rice and pasta and developed our control over tools by digging for real carrots in the mud kitchen. We enjoyed looking after the babies in the role-play Doctor's surgery and practised our climbing and balancing skills on the climbing frames. We were very careful and showed really good listening skills to follow instructions when we used a real cordless drill and screwdrivers. 

Inside nursery we made tea in the home corner using real crockery, dressed up as Police Officers and developed out fine motor skills by building towers with large tin cans and by threading dried spaghetti into holes in slices of wood. 

Week beginning 4th January


We have enjoyed our first week back after the Christmas break! In the garden we used chalks to make marks and write numbers on the giant chalkboards and used our bodies to balance and climb on the climbing frames. The very wet and cold weather gave us the opportunity to jump in puddles, move water by using jugs and various sized containers and to explore ice. We enjoyed thinking of ways to get to the fish frozen in the tuff trays and decided that using a hammer worked best!

Inside we have been developing our fine motor skills by threading cotton reels with laces and string and using scissors to snip paper. We have enjoyed using our creative skills by designing and building junk models using different sized boxes and by using tools in paint to make marks and explore patterns. 

Week beginning 6th December


This week the wet and cold weather hasn’t stopped us exploring outside! In the mud kitchen we made ‘coffee and tea’, using jugs, pots and kettles to pour water, scissors to snip ‘ingredients’ and spoons and ladles to scoop and mix.  We developed our mathematical skills by measuring and estimating, and explored time when we set the timer on the microwave. In the garden, we moved in lots of different ways when we negotiated an obstacle course and made marks using water on the giant chalkboards. At Forest School we developed our fine motor skills using a hand drill to make holes in logs; we were very pleased when we were able to do this without any adult support.

Inside we have been using our imagination to act out roles when we styled our hair in the hairdressers, pretending to use hairdryers and straighteners! We enjoyed making patterns on the windows using materials and shapes and used the chalks to draw pictures on the easel. We have been getting excited about Christmas and had lots of fun with glitter, glue and sparkly things to design and make our own Christmas cards.

Week beginning 15th November


This week at nursery we have been very busy!

In the garden we have been playing on both of the climbing frames and have practised our balancing, sliding, climbing and swinging which has helped develop our muscles as well as our confidence. We were very brave when we went on a real life bear hunt in Imagination Land and moved in lots of ways as we searched for him. In the nursery garden we went on a shape hunt and used our detective skills to find different shaped items including parts of the climbing frame and the drain cover and we even used sticks to make our own shapes. We had fun playing with the small world creatures, splashing them in the water in the tuff tray!

Inside we used rice, pasta and noodles to make our own musical instruments and enjoyed exploring the different sounds they made. We matched coloured bean bags to coloured spots and developed our coordination skills by throwing them on the correct one. We had the best fun when we spent a day dressed as pirates; making pirate hats, treasure maps, singing pirate songs and reading pirate stories – arrrr!!

Week beginning 4th October


This week we have been enjoying the Autumn sunshine and spending lots of time outside. We enjoyed making tea in the mud kitchen, showing our developing control when pouring out ‘the tea’ into cups for our friends and the teachers, and explored the different instruments, using sticks to see if we could change the sounds they make. We visited imagination Land where we played hide and seek and chase, as well as rolling and sliding down the hill. At Forest School, we had fun building, collecting and transporting large sticks and swinging on the tyres but the highlight was definitely having our snack there – we want to go for lunch there now!


Inside nursery we have been enjoying sharing books and stories. We explored the Very Hungry Caterpillar story sack, using the props to help us to retell the story, enjoyed lifting the flaps looking for the animals underneath in Dear Zoo and even pretended to be teachers reading to the whole class! We have been building towers and hiding toys in them for our friends to find, explored shaving foam and even went to the moon like Baby Bear, having a picnic when we got there!

Week beginning 27th September


This week at nursery we have had lots of fun exploring outside! We were really excited to visit Forest School where we explored the trees, bushes, swings, the brand new Hobbit House and even the new outdoor toilet! We were keen to investigate and include our new friends in our play – we loved showing the adults all the exciting things we had found! We were very sensible and showed we were able to cooperate with the boundaries and follow the rules. We visited Imagination Land where we moved in lots of different ways including crawling, rolling, balancing, running and scrambling and enjoyed hiding in the tunnel.

In the nursery garden we used jugs and various sized containers to pour and transport water and had lots of fun splashing in puddles. We looked at numbers and then tried to match the number of actions such as jumps and in the mud kitchen we 'cooked' different foods including a McDonald’s happy meal!

Inside, we explored a range of natural resources including twigs, sticks, leaves, conkers, mud and flowers which we later used with brushes, rollers and sponges to paint with.

We are really enjoying autumn and can’t wait to explore more of the changes happening all around us.

Week beginning 20th September


This week we have had fun exploring textures when we played with shaving foam and we explored change when we made our own playdough. We used a range of tools to roll and cut out our newly made playdough and selected different materials including boxes, foam, pompoms, scissors and glue sticks to make junk models including a car we could actually sit in!

In the garden we cooked dinner and made sandwiches in the mud kitchen using foam bricks as bread, talking about how to use knives safely and found a steering wheel and used it to drive to Peppa Pig World!

We developed our mark-making skills by drawing with marker pens and chalks on the giant easels in the garden and explored what happens when we mix paint; using brushes, rollers, pine cones, feather and conkers to paint with.  We were very excited to visit Imagination Land where we remembered the rules and had lots of fun running, chasing, climbing and rolling.

Week beginning 13th September

What a busy week we've had! We've been making friends and exploring all areas of nursery. We've been looking at what happens when we mix colours when painting, using a range of tools including rollers and brushes to make marks with the paint both inside and on the giant whiteboards in the garden. We have been using various construction materials to build and balance and used our imaginations to take on roles in our play, pretending to be fire-fighters and shop assistants We have enjoyed trying out different musical instruments, listening to the sounds they make and finding out what happens when we use them really fast and very slow.

We have looked inside conkers and explored magnifying glasses and were really surprised when everything looked bigger! We have shown how careful we can be when we used real tools, including hammers and saws, to cut a range of hard and soft objects.  

Nursery is lots of fun!


Week beginning 6th September

The new children have been getting to know everyone and learn the nursery rules and routines. We are very proud of how quickly they have settled in and how kind and friendly the children who have remained with us from last year have been towards their new friends. 

All the children have had great fun exploring the classroom, garden and all the exciting activities on offer. We are looking forward to having lots more adventures together!

2020 - 2021

Week beginning 21st June

 We have been exploring lots this week at nursery. We looked at the texture board and used words including scratchy, fuzzy, bumpy and spongy to describe the different materials. We used more descriptive words when we made footprints in paint; saying that the paint was squishy, cold and soft and developed our self help skills by washing and drying our own feet before putting our socks back on.

We enjoyed visiting Forest School where we found cherries and explored them - talking about their texture, colour and size and then using pieces of tree bark to cut them up. We were very surprised to find stones inside! In the garden we continued to look after our vegetables by watering them and had fun going on a bug hunt; we found wiggly worms and very slow snails and used our technology skills to draw pictures of the bugs we found on the nursery tablets. Inside we had fun rolling cars down race tracks we made out of wooden blocks and worked as a team to build and then play on our new soft play equipment. We showed how kind and caring we can be by looking after the babies and had fun developing new friendships, exploring the garden together. 

Week beginning 14th June

We have had fun in the garden this week! We have used various sized pots, pans and jugs to our water down the pipes on our water wall. We used our developing mathematical skills to measure out the water and then time how long it took to travel down the pipes by using the timer on a tablet. We developed our turn taking skills when playing a throwing and catching game with a beach ball and tried to see who could do it the most times! We used our creative skills to design and make a scarecrow using a tennis racquet, hat, fabric and sellotape and showed how helpful we are when we washed and cleaned Miss McCoy's car. 

Inside nursery we continued to enjoy spending time with the ducks, especially when they went for a swim and we watched them paddling. We used our counting skills to post the right number of balls down numbered tubes and then practiced our mark-making by writing the corresponding number on post it notes. We cooled down when it got too hot outside by making fruit flavoured slushy drinks. Wee spoke about what the ice felt like, made predications about what would happen to it and developed out use of technology by operating the ice machine. 

Week beginning 7th June

 We've had a very exciting week this week as our duck eggs arrived. We waited really patiently for them to hatch and on Thursday we were rewarded with 5 very fluffy, noisy ducklings! We have enjoyed watching them as they get used to their new home in the big cage and were very gentle and careful when we had a chance to hold them. We have spent lots of time talking about how the ducklings grow and change and have also found out about the creatures in our garden, using magnifying glasses to look at caterpillars, spiders and snails.

We have taken part in lots of duck themed activities including signing songs, matching the numbers on paper ducks and using pegs to hang them up, which helped develop the strength in our fingers, and playing 'hook a duck' - great for our developing hand-eye- coordination.

We have continued to be interested in our vegetable patch, particularly how big the vegetables have grown, using rulers to measure them before eating them!

Week beginning 24th May

It has been a very exciting week as we have dug up and tasted our radishes that we planted as seeds – they were very tasty! We explored change when we squeezed orange juice and then froze it to make ice lollies which we enjoyed eating at snack time. We used a range of materials including dried pasta, rice and noodles to design and make our own musical instruments and had fun singing songs and telling jokes around our pretend camp fire.  We explored paint and shaving foam and used it to paint on both the large whiteboards and blackboards in the garden.

We were very busy inside nursery too. We acted out the Gingerbread Man story, practised cleaning our teeth in the role-play dentist surgery and played ball games with a beach ball. We are all looking forward to some sunshine and warmer weather – perhaps we will be able to make our own beach in the garden!

Week beginning 17th May

We have had a busy week at nursery. We have been tasting different foods at snack time and enjoyed curry sauce and naan bread so much we had seconds! We explored what happens to ice when it comes out of the freezer and looked at how ingredients change when we made playdough. We enjoyed preparing, making and then eating our own fruit smoothies – yummy!

Outside we developed our mark-making skills by painting with water on the giant blackboards and by using chalks to copy patterns. We made pretend cupcakes in the mud kitchen; weighing, measuring and mixing the ingredients before putting them in the microwave to cook. We demonstrated our knowledge of our favourite stories by acting out Room on the Broom and found out how things move in the wind when we made kites. We didn’t let the rain stop us having fun and really enjoyed splashing in muddy puddles just like Peppa Pig!

Week beginning 10th May

We’ve been very busy again this week, spending lots of time in the nursery garden. We’ve enjoyed pretending to be builders, playing in the role-play building site and using diggers and bricks to make towers.  We have explored the sounds of items in the garden, including the drums, and used sticks to make different sounds on tyres, pots and pans. We used our investigative skills to work out which items outside were magnetic and were very surprised when the magnets seemed to attach themselves to things like magic!  We had lots of opportunities to develop our fine motor skills, as well as learning about keeping ourselves and other safe, when we used real tools including hammers, saws and screwdrivers. We explored what happens when we mix colours and had lots of fun painting on a giant scale on glass using brushes, tools and our hands in paint and bubbly water. We did some more gardening, planting grass seed, and there was great excitement when we dug up some of the radishes we had planted and were able to eat them! The mud kitchen is still one of our favourite places to be and we enjoyed digging in the mud after the rain and using recipe books to help us prepare meals including carrot and mud soup!

Week beginning 4th May 

We’ve had another busy week at nursery. We have enjoyed making up and writing our own songs and then performing them to our friends, using instruments, clapping and singing. We have practiced our fine motor skills by writing letters, painting with water on the giant chalkboards and by playing with the magnetic fishing game. We developed our imaginative and creative skills by making models with junk, creating collages with different materials and through exploring the texture of items around nursery. We used our language and communication skills to recreate roles when we bought and sold items in the role-play toy shop and when we ‘cooked’ using sand in the mud kitchen.  Counting, sorting and matching the amount of pine cones to numerals developed our mathematical knowledge and visiting Imagination Land helped us build our muscles as we moved in lots of different ways.  There was a lot of excitement when we used the new bubble wands to blow huge bubbles in the garden – we needed lots of breath, it was hard work!

Week beginning 26th April

This week at nursery the children have been using their creative skills to design and build junk models and have explored the sounds of a range of musical instruments including a ukulele, tambourines and maracas. They have developed their fine motor skills by taking part in a range of ‘funky fingers’ type activities including posting counters and matchsticks into containers and built on their technology skills by playing games on a computer after they were observed playing with an old laptop in the home corner!

The children have enjoyed the nice weather by spending long periods in the garden this week. They have performed puppet shows, using their design skills to make tickets and used their developing technology skills to programme the BeeBots. All week the children listened to The Three Little Pigs and they showed their knowledge of the story by talking about and drawing the different houses the pigs built. In Imagination Land the children had fun moving in lots of different ways including rolling, running, crawling, sliding and scrambling.


Week beginning 19th April

The children have been busy this week designing, planning and building houses  and then using diggers to move the sand and bricks to build with in the garden. They have had lots of fun practising their ball skills by throwing, catching and making up games using hoops as targets and have developed their balancing and climbing skills on the climbing frames outside. The children have enjoyed ‘cooking’ with mud and sand in the mud kitchen and at Forest School they played hiding games, looked at leaves and pushed their friends on the tyre swings. They showed how careful and sensible they are by using real tools including hammers, saws and screwdrivers on pieces of wood.

Inside nursery the children developed their literacy skills by making passports and by recognising logos including their favourite pizza and burger restaurants! Some of the children had fun by exploring what is inside a computer when they used tools to take one apart.

Week beginning 29th March


This week we have enjoyed the sunshine, taking the opportunity to spend lots of time in the garden. We explored the sounds of various objects in the garden including metal pots and pans and showed how good we are becoming at climbing, balancing and jumping off equipment. We had fun making marks in paint with different items including sticks, tyres and bunches of twigs. We explored paint volcanoes in the tuff tray where there were also dinosaurs. We demonstrated how we are able to show care and concern for living things by taking care of the seeds we planted recently and enjoyed using the watering can.

Inside nursery we took part in lots of Easter themed activities. We explored patterns by matching together Easter egg halves and particularly enjoyed making bird nest cakes to take home for tea, yummy! We extended our knowledge of growing by planting cress and are looking forward to seeing how big it grows.

Week beginning 22nd March

We had so much fun this week at nursery when we visited Forest School! We practiced our independence skills by putting on our own coats, splash suits and wellies, and demonstrated good listening skills by following the adults and walking sensibly together on our way there. There was so much to do when we got to Forest School and so many places to investigate! We developed our balance and coordination by using the ropes and walking on the wooden logs and used our imaginations, ‘cooking’ with the leaves and mud. We used our muscles to climb the tress and scramble over the wooden pallets which will really help us when we are using pencils and later learning to write. We ran, rolled and tumbled, and chased each other, hiding in trees and bushes. We had lots of fun exploring the wildlife living in Forest School, going on a bug hunt, looking under logs for woodlice and digging for worms; some of us were even brave enough to hold them, although they were very wriggly!

Back at nursery, we spent a long time designing and building a zoo for all of the small world animals and developed our fine motor skills by threading pasta and making necklaces and by using real tools. At Imagination Land, we explored the equipment, moving our bodies in lots of ways and especially enjoyed rolling down the hill!

Week beginning 15th March

It’s been another busy week at nursery! In the garden, the children have been taking care of the seeds they planted and showed excitement when they noticed they are starting to grow. They have been exploring filling and emptying containers with sand and had lots of fun using the hose to fill jugs and watering cans. The children had lots of opportunities to develop their creativity by painting on large pieces of fabric and by using paint in icing bags to ice toy biscuits and cakes. They enjoyed pretending to cook food and toast marshmallows on the role-play camp fire and had fun exploring what happens to their voices when they speak into giant plastic tubes. There was lots of excitement when the children had the chance to make pizzas using real knives to cut up the vegetables and to talk about healthy eating.

Inside, the children used their problem solving skills to work out how to make bridges for The Three Billy Goats Gruff and to build homes for The Three Little Pigs. They explored different ‘real’ objects and how they work, including watches, magnets, a clock and cameras and developed their awareness of technology by programming the Bee Bots. They looked at similarities and differences by looking at their own and other people’s faces and then painting them.

Week beginning 8th March

This week was very exciting as the children who have been off during lockdown came back to nursery! The children had lots of fun playing with all their friends and the adults enjoyed spending time finding out all the exciting things the children have been up to while at home. In the garden, the children have been showing how they can move in different ways including crawling, jumping and hopping by completing obstacle courses. They had lots of fun preparing soups using shaving foam and paint to cook on a pretend campfire!

Inside nursery, the children have been exploring books and story sacks, using the props to act out the stories and develop their understanding of how they are structured. They have been taking on roles in their play, being shop keepers and pretending to be doctors looking after the sick babies. The children have been developing their mathematical skills, matching numerals to quantities and counting, and exploring shape and height by building giant towers and making arrangements with blocks. They were very excited to be able to use real hammers and screwdrivers and were very sensible, being able to explain and demonstrate how to use them safely. The children have been developing their fine motor skills and the strength in their fingers by using tongs and tweezers to pick up a range of objects including corks and sorting bears.

Week beginning 1st March

What a busy week we’ve had at nursery! In the garden, the children have been mark-making using paintbrushes and water on the giant chalkboards, drawing with their fingers in cornflour gloop and chalking on the floor. They have been developing their creativity by mixing paints and exploring what happens when colours change and investigating the marks made by rolling vehicles in paint. The children have been enjoying lots of opportunities to develop their imagination through role-play experiences including camping and camp fires and tea parties with the ponies! The dry weather has meant the children have been using the climbing frame and garden equipment to balance, crawl, climb and jump from and it's provided the perfect opportunity to plant up lots of vegetables and flowers ready for summer.

Inside nursery the children have been investigating how to use equipment and have had great fun drawing and then laminating their own pictures! They have been exploring a big basket of keys that appeared in the curiosity corner, working out how to use them and trying to find which doors they open. Sorting a tub of worms of different sizes by their length and colour and using rulers to measure them gave the children opportunities to build on their mathematical skills. Playing in small groups, building with foam bricks and constructing pathways helped the children develop their social and communication skills through working together and negotiating plans.

Week beginning 22nd February

This week the children have had opportunities to develop their independence by washing up their cups after snack time and practising their dressing skills. They have extended their mathematical knowledge by playing with magnetic shapes, and counting actions such as jumping, rolling & hopping. Playing games on the computer and programming the BeeBots gave the children chances to develop their awareness of technology and they engaged in creative activities including making instruments, exploring the sounds of real instruments, painting with glitter and using large wooden blocks to design & make houses .

The children have enjoyed the sunshine and spent lots of time in the garden. They have played in the sand pit filling and emptying containers and building sand castles and developed their understanding of various shapes by filling shape cutters. The children have explored what happens when water runs down pipes and tubes and used bubbly water to give the dolls a very chilly bath!

Week beginning 8th February

 This week the children have been developing their creativity by making models with junk, building with Duplo and painting their reflections on metal trays. They enjoyed tasting noodles as part of our celebrations for Chinese New Year and worked hard to use the chopsticks which helped develop their fine motor skills. They continued to build on their mark-making skills through writing in the home corner and in the construction area, drawing with their fingers in the snow and painting with paintbrushes on sheets of ice. Pretending to be teachers reading books, and looking at and recognising logos allowed the children to build on their understanding of print and their love of books. Opportunities to play as part of a group, building a house and going on a picnic developed the children's social and imaginative skills and programming the Bee Bots built on their understanding of technology. Outside they have enjoyed being in the sand pit using buckets and spades to dig and fill containers, and exploring Imagination Land where they were keen to move in a variety of ways and to explore the words on signs. The highlight of the week was definitely the snow, which caused great excitement amongst the children and the adults!


Week beginning 1st February

This week the children had lots of fun exploring Imagination Land where they jumped, ran, crawled, hopped, balanced and climbed on the equipment. They enjoyed using the stage to sing and perform, and used the wigwams to act out The Three Little Pigs! In the garden they used chalks and paints on the giant boards, explored the sounds of various pots and pans and moved vehicles down pipes and through tubes. The children demonstrated their ability to use tools safely when they used real hammers to break up ice they found in the tuff trays and knives when they prepared their own pineapple for snack time. Inside, the children counted and matched sorting bears to the correct numerals, explored magnifying glasses and worked hard in the new ‘home office’ set up in the home corner! They developed their mark-making skills by using paintbrushes in shaving foam and using toy animals to print in paint.

Week beginning 25th January

This week the snow and ice caused great excitement at nursery! The children had lots of fun exploring what it felt like, the marks their boots made in it and what happens when it starts warming up and melts. They used hammers to break up the ice which had formed in the tuff tray, using pieces of it to build an igloo for the small world fairies and to draw with on the chalk boards. Everyone was very sad when the snow disappeared!


Inside nursery the children have been developing their fine motor skills by picking up small objects with tweezers and tongs and by posting shapes into shape sorters. There’s been lots of mark-making with the children filling out forms at the hospital and in the cafe. They have enjoyed role-play this week, pretending to be teachers reading stories at mat time, working in the café serving cakes and sandwiches and visiting the hospital, although they didn’t look very impressed with the long waiting time in reception!

                           Week beginning 18th January                                           

In nursery this week the children have been outside practicing pouring and moving water in the mud kitchen, making slime and mark-making on a large scale on the blackboards. The rain hasn’t stopped them from exploring the garden where they have had lots of fun jumping in puddles, running and climbing.

Indoors they have looked after the poorly dolls, and each other, in the hospital role-play area! They have been using the giant wooden blocks to build castles, used junk to build houses and wrapped presents in the creative area. Using real tools, including hammers and saws, to open conkers and coconuts gave them the opportunity to develop their awareness of keeping safe, although they were a little disappointed to find that the conkers didn’t contain a secret message as they had predicted!


Week beginning 11th January

This week the children have been developing their fine motor skills by threading, chalking on the giant blackboards and painting on the whiteboards in the garden and tracing numbers with pencils. They have been exploring technology; taking photographs of themselves and their friends and programming the Beebots to move around nursery. Engaging in role play, pretending to be doctors and working in a café, gave the children opportunities to develop their imagination and build their social and communication skills. Developing the listening area encouraged the children to explore the sounds of different instruments and painting using their fingers and objects, including small world animals, has promoted their creativity and mark-making skills. The very cold weather provided opportunities to talk about and explore ice, with the children keen to find out what happens when it melts!

Week beginning 4th January 2021

The cold weather hasn't stopped the children having fun in the garden this week where they made mud soup and cakes in the mud kitchen, using a recipe book to help them. They enjoyed playing in the role-play builder’s yard where they used their physical skills to balance and build and inside they have been developing their mathematical skills by building constructions with the giant wooden blocks. The children practised their fine motor skills by threading and by mark-making on giant sheets of paper on the floor and developed their creativity by painting and exploring what happens when they mix colours. The Very Hungry Caterpillar and The Gruffalo story sacks provided the children with opportunities to develop their understanding of how stories are structured and to begin to describe the story and its characters. They engaged in pretend play in the role-play book shop and further built on their mathematical knowledge by making patterns with the sorting bears and playing shape games on the Ipads which also supported their technology skills.

Week beginning 14th December

 This week the children have been taking part in group activities to explore rhyme and the rhythm in words and working together to create a giant chalk drawing on large sheets of paper. They used their mark-making skills to make tickets for a train journey and developed their imaginative skills when nursing the poorly dolls. In the garden the children had lots of fun making soup and carrot cake in the mud kitchen, explored what happens when colours are mixed and discovered how water moves along pipes. There has been lots of talk about Christmas and the children enjoyed looking at the Christmas tree and talking about the decorations. They had lots of fun making, and drinking, chocolate milkshakes as well as decorating Christingles; a lovely way to finish the term!

Week beginning 7th December

This week at nursery the children have been spending time in the garden practising their climbing skills, painting on the giant white boards and exploring textures and making marks in shaving foam.

Inside they have been developing their fine motor skills by using tweezers to pick up the sorting bears and then building on their mathematical skills by sorting them. Matching objects to numerals further developed the children’s mathematical knowledge. They enjoyed decorating Gingerbread men pictures with glue and (lots!) of glitter and took it in turns pretending to be teachers reading to the class! With Christmas coming, wrapping pretend presents gave the children opportunities to use scissors and they had fun colouring Christmas pictures on the Ipads and then printing them off in the office. With only one week left at nursery before Christmas, we’re all feeling very excited!


Week beginning 30th November


This week the children have been very creative! They have used junk to make models, both inside and outside, painted on the large whiteboards in the garden and begun to make-believe by pretending to go on a bus journey.  They have been developing their fine motor skills by threading cotton reels and making Christmas pasta necklaces as well as chalking on giant sheets of paper. Outside they have had opportunities to practice their climbing, balancing and throwing skills.  They have continued to develop their mathematical knowledge by sorting coloured bears, matching shapes and by feeding shape monsters! Sharing stories and props including The Room on the Broom and The Very Hungry Caterpillar have enabled the children to build their understanding of how stories are structured and to begin to join in with repeated parts of the text.  The children have been talking lots about Christmas and were really excited to decorate a Christmas tree and by the arrival of a cheeky Elf!

Week beginning 23rd November


This week at nursery the children have been developing their creative skills. They have been taking on roles in their play, cooking in the kitchen and pretending to be hairdressers. They have been exploring using their senses and have enjoyed feeling and beginning to describe different textures. In the creative area, the children used a range of available resources to make their own version of Forky from Toy Story 4 and then used them as props in their games.

The introduction of a new 'design area' situated in the construction area provided the children with the chance to develop their early writing skills alongside one of their favourite activities.  Lots of the children, especially the boys, have enjoyed using the new resources and taken a real interest in mark making.

Outside they have been jumping in puddles, climbing and negotiating their way around obstacles, developing their balance and jumping off the garden equipment. The cold, wet weather has meant lots of opportunities for them to practice putting on and taking off their coats, splash suits and welly boots; great for developing their independence!

Week beginning 16th November

This week the children have been developing their mathematical skills by counting, sorting and matching the number of objects to numerals. They have been practicing their fine motor skills by putting pegs in peg boards, using tweezers to pick up pom poms and posting small objects into containers. Outside they have been exploring what happens when you roll items down tubes and have been practicing their climbing and jumping skills. They have enjoyed using objects in paint to print and have been exploring the marks they make when doing finger painting. Some of our children talked about how they celebrated Diwali at home and in nursery we learnt more about Diwali, making Rangoli patterns and Diwali sweets – yummy!

Week beginning 9th November

 This week the children have been finding out about shapes and exploring colour and texture. They have been using their imagination to design and build with junk and have been exploring musical instruments and the sounds they make. They have been using their mathematical skills to sort and count and developing their hand-eye coordination by using keys to open padlocks. They have been baking in the home corner and using the role-play hospital to look after each other.  In the garden, the children have been busy making sand volcanoes, serving coffee in the café and preparing shaving foam ice-creams! On Friday they had great fun raising money for Children in Need by wearing their pyjamas to nursery; a lovely way to finish another busy week!

Week beginning 2nd November

This week the children have had lots of fun in the garden. They have been digging in the mud kitchen and making bridges, exploring emptying and filling containers with water, practising their balancing skills and have been mark making in the role play builder’s yard. They have enjoyed using the musical instruments in the garden and have been explorers going on a shape hunt! The children enjoyed using finger paints to make Rangoli pictures, developed their counting skills and had fun with the Whatever Next story sack. They made firework chalk pictures, explored spiderwebs in a den in the garden and put out fires when pretending to be Firefighters. The children made the most of the dry sunny days and toasted pretend marshmallows around a campfire in the garden!


The children have settled quickly into nursery life and have had lots of fun taking part in the activities on offer. They have been using musical instruments, developing their hand-eye coordination and exploring paint, shaving foam, mud and sand! They are beginning to make friends, are developing their social skills including sharing and turn taking and have had fun taking part in role-play experiences including a Vets, camping and a mobile phone shop. The children are working really hard, learning all the time and we have really enjoyed seeing all the lovely things that parents have been sharing on Tapestry. 


The children have had a busy first month at nursery! The new children have been getting to know everyone and are beginning to learn the nursery rules and routines. We are very proud of how quickly they have settled in and how kind and friendly the nursery children who remained with us from last year have been towards their new friends. All the children have had great fun exploring the classroom, the garden and all the exciting activities on offer. We are all looking forward to having lots more adventures together!

2019 - 2020

We had great fun at nursery celebrating World Book Day by dressing up as our favourite book characters, taking part in lots of reading activities and sharing stories. We invited our mummies and daddies to nursery to share books, story-sacks and reading stories as a group; it was lovely to share our love of books with everyone!
The nursery children had a very exciting morning when their relatives came along to a Christmas activity session. They had lots of fun making cards, icing biscuits, making reindeer food, decorating tree decorations and colouring Christmas pictures. They enjoyed sharing nursery with their visitors and said thank you for coming along by singing a selection of their favourite Christmas songs!

The nursery children have been very busy having lots of fun. The rain hasn’t stopped them from being outside where they have been playing with water beads, using the water wall, climbing on the obstacle course, using hula hoops and riding bikes.


Inside they have been taking part in ‘dough disco’ every day which helps strengthen the muscles in their hands – important for when they later start to write. They have been exploring lots of things in the sensory tray including cold cooked spaghetti, rice, glitter and shaving foam and this week the children have been talking about autumn, looking at different sized pumpkins and using tools to cut them open to discover what is inside as well as making 'pumpkin soup' in the mud kitchen!


We've had a very busy and fun first half-term!

It's been a busy couple of first weeks back at nursery. The new children have been getting to know everyone, exploring the classroom and the garden, as well as learning the routines and rules of nursery. We are very proud of how quickly the new children have settled in and how kind and friendly the nursery children who have remained with us have been towards their new friends.

We started our weekly forest school mornings last week and the children (and adults!) had great fun. They have been on a bear hunt, explored 'the jungle' and collected natural materials to make crowns. The children have been developing their physical skills by using the swing, climbing in the trees, balancing on planks of wood, climbing over pallets and rolling giant wooden reels. They can't wait to go back and explore some more!

The nursery children had an exciting time when lots of daddies, grandads and even a mummy, came to make cards for Father's day during our 'daddy week'. The children had fun using glitter, pom-poms, ribbon, feathers and lots of glue to make their cards together and were really excited to share part of their nursery day with their family.
The children at  Nursery have been very busy again! They have been playing with water, made a fish pond and fish, and created their own nets to catch them with. The children made volcanoes and designed and created their own ice-creams using shaving foam! They even used their mark-making skills to make posters to sell their ice-creams. They have had lots of fun using junk to create models including robots with moving arms and explored what happens when colours are mixed! 

At nursery this week we have had some very special visitors. Our eggs arrived and 6 ducklings hatched; the children were very excited and named them Bob, Charlie, Archie (after the new Royal baby!), Chloe, Rosie and Daisy. One of the ducklings had a poorly leg so Mrs Searle and Mrs McCoy made him a splint which helped his leg get better.

The children had lots of fun watching the ducklings in their cage and enjoyed giving them cuddles! The ducklings have now gone to live with a friend of Mrs Searle, who is going to send us regular duck updates!

This week in nursery we have all been fascinated by pirates and built a pirate ship, went on a treasure hunt and walked the plank! We also had a visit from a Police Officer and had fun trying on police hats,handcuffs and he let us explore his police car.
Oakridge Nursery opened for the first time today.  We celebrated with cake!