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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6!


Welcome back to Oakridge year 6-it's been a long time but we are finally back up and running!

The children have had a fantastic start to the year and have shown maturity whilst bringing a positive attitude towards the new Covid-19 routines in place. 


Meet the teachers:

This year we have been extremely lucky to have not two, but four teachers in year 6!

Class 10 - Miss Tamsett & Miss Chisnall

Class 11 - Mr Davison

Class 12 - Miss Wilson


Our Curriculum:

Our daily routine involves a vast number of subjects such as maths, English reading, English writing, arithmetic, spellings, handwriting, creative curriculum, science, health & wellbeing, RE, PE, computing, DT and art. We have a busy schedule full of exciting topics which can be found in the year 6 newsletter.


Please can we ask that the children have their PE kit in school for the whole week as PE days may change from week to week depending on any timetable changes. 


This half term, year 6 have been learning about the Highway Code and how to ride a bike safely on the road. The Bikeability team came to work with year 6, taking us out onto the roads to put what we had learnt into practise. The children who took part in Bikeability will receive a certificate and badge in recognition of their hard work and the learning they have undertaken during the week. 

World Book Day:

Check out year 6's fancy dress as characters from their favourite book for World Book Day. Great effort, time and thought had gone into many outfits in year 6 this year, which was lovely to see. Can you guess the title of the book or the character they have dressed up as?

Maths: Correct the teacher!

Oh, how the tables have turned...Many of the children have had a great time 'correcting' the errors some of the year 6 teachers have made in their practise SATs papers. This activity has provided the children with the opportunity to use the maths skills they have been practising in their lessons so far, as well as correcting and giving feedback on a wide variety of common errors made when using these skills. Here are some of the examples of the marking and corrections they have completed in their lessons. 

Storm Eunice Home Learning:

Good Morning everyone!

Hope you are all staying safe at home and making sure to keep nice and warm inside today. 

We have created a set of activities for you below to complete today. We have added a rough timetable guide as we know some of you like to follow a schedule. You do not have to follow this-it is up to you!

Morning activity (8:45 - 9:00)- Have a go at the grammar, spelling and maths activity and complete your answers in the boxes provided

English (9:00 - 10:00) We were due to complete our final pieces today however this obviously cannot happen! Instead, here we have a creative writing task for you to have a go at, applying the skills we have been concentrating on in class. First, open the planning template and have a go at filling out some ideas for 15 minutes. Then when you are happy with your plan, complete your short story writing for 45 minutes and send back to us. Remember the skills we have been doing in class (expanded noun phrases, figurative language, use of dashes and hyphens) and get these in!

Reading (10:00 - 10:30)- We are due to finish the final 2 chapters of Nevermoor next week so for today, have a go at this Beetleboy comprehension task. This focuses on some retrieval questions as well as author's use of language like we have been doing in class.

TT Rockstars (11:00 - 11:30) We have set up a year 6 battle on TT Rockstars for you this morning! Get logged in and get working on your speed! 

Maths (11:30 - 12:15) There is a maths activity for Mr Davison and Miss Tamsett's maths groups on fractions, decimals and percentages. Work your way through the application questions like you would do in class. 

After lunch we were planning on a fun activity based on the fact you've worked so hard this week and completed lots of practice papers. So being at home, choose a fun activity and complete! This could be watching a film, playing a game - completely up to you!

Have a lovely day and enjoy your half term. You have earned it!

Miss Tamsett, Miss Wilson and Mr Davison :)

The Explorer Dome: The Wonders of Sound!

Last week, we were fortunate enough to have the Explorer Dome visit us to help us discover the wonders of sound. During the session, we explored the different sounds objects make, how they produce this sound and why this is the case. We found out how sound travels and the frequency of vibrations can effect the pitch of the sound. We also learnt that human ears are far less sensitive to sound, whereas animals, such as dogs, can sense much quicker vibrations and therefore have far greater sensitivity to sound. Year 6 have had a great experience in the dome and we can't wait to begin our science unit on the wonders of sound!

Music: Boomwhackers!

Year 6 have a great time learning how to use the boomwhackers in music this half term. The boomwhackers have been great in helping us learn about pitch and practise keeping to a rhythm. Check out class 12's rendition of Toto's classic: Africa. Enjoy!


Still image for this video

Black History Month 2021

In RE, we have been looking at the concept of law in religious contexts and in their own and others' lives. We had many discussions about how laws link to our British Values and the consequences our year group believe should happen if any laws were broken outside of school and if any rules were broken inside school. At the end of the unit, we discussed and researched the life of Nelson Mandela and found out about why he is such an influential activist and a significant member of the black community. Year 6 created a non-chronological report of Nelson Mandela's life, how he behaved towards the law (apartheid) in South Africa and why he behaved in that way and the consequences he received. We then shared our own thoughts about the laws he broke, whether he was right to do so and the consequences he received. Here are some examples of the work we produced during Black History Month. 

School Council Voting

British Value: Democracy

This week, year 6 voted for their class school councillor. Each candidate was given time to prepare a heartfelt speech as to why they should be a school councillor. Once the speeches were written, each candidate presented theirs to the rest of the class and a class vote began. We spoke about how this links to our British Value of democracy and the importance of it.


Congratulations to our year 6 school councillors for 2021/2022:

Nevaya - Class 10

Danika - Class 11

Lily-Rose - Class 12


School councillor minute takers for Miss Tilcock:

Safiya - Class 10

Rebecca - Class 12

Maths - Rounding Game

This half term, year 6 have been refreshing our understanding on place value and practising our skills for rounding. During lessons this week, Miss Wilson and Mr Davison's class played a rounding game in pairs to help us apply the rounding skills we have practised. 


Rules of the game:

First, the first player rolls a 0-9 die twice and creates a two-digit number. Player 1 then has to round this number to the nearest 10, find the matching circle on the recording sheet and write their two digit number in one of the spaces that matches that circle. Then, player two rolls the dice and repeats the process. The game is over when all the circle are full and the points are added up to find the winner.

Year 6 Art Attack! - Still life drawings

During this half term, year 6 will be practising our still life drawing techniques. We first discussed what still life drawing meant and then we began to practise our sketching techniques using a still life scene of cubes and shapes made out of paper. The objects were not moved during the sketching sessions and could only be sketched by observing them in the positions they were in. 

Our artist inspiration for this sketching unit is: Paul Cézanne who was an impressionist artist in the late 1800s.

Science - The Wonder of Light

There's been a crime! One of the year 6 teachers has taken some sweets from Miss Charman's office but she doesn't know who. The only evidence she has is the length of a shadow caught on the school's CCTV so she needs the help of year 6 to find out who the sweet thief is! Was it Miss Wilson, Mr Davison or Miss Tamsett...?


This half term, year 6 will be investigating how light travels and how shadows are formed. In order to help Miss Charman find out which of the year 6 teachers took her sweets, we conducted an investigation using light boxes and miniature, scaled down silhouettes of the three year 6s and measured the size of the shadow they created. We concluded that Miss Wilson was in fact the sweet thief based on the length of the shadow her silhouette created. Great work team - case closed!


January 29th Lockdown work

January 27th Lockdown work

We will be copying the work from Google Classroom onto the website each day.

All resources are on Google Classroom including the Nevermoor text so if you need this, please access Google Classroom as the file is rather large!

R.E Advent Activities

Advent Puzzle - refer to this each week

Week 1 Gallery

Year 6 Google Classroom


In the event of school being closed then Google Classroom is where you will be able to access the latest learning and interact with your teachers. To use Google Classroom you will need your google login and password which has been posted to you/your parents. 


Our Google Classroom is a secure learning platform which can only be accessed with each individual child login which is unique to each pupil. Once in to our classroom you will be able to access learning resources and send work back to the teachers. You will also be able to communicate directly with the teachers to receive feedback on what you have done as well as ask for help if you get stuck. 


To access the classroom use the link below or type into the address bar of your web browser.