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Honeypot - January 2023

23/01/2023 And they are off...

The children have arrived and are settling in. They have been allocated their rooms and unpacked. 

Enjoying the trampolines this afternoon. It may have been cold but the sun was shining.

Exploring the grounds

Afternoon activities - Egg Drop Challenge and Personal Wellbeing: Worries

Personal Wellbeing - Worries

This afternoon the question the children had to think about related to 'how can I manage my worries?' 

The children used key skills of communicating, listening, respecting others, planning, reviewing and independence.  They then created their own worry creatures.

Waiting patiently on dinner - apparently it was delicious

Chilling before bed

Showers have been had and the children are now off to bed. Miss Cameron needs her beauty sleep. Let's hope there is plenty of sleep had tonight.  

24/01/2023 Little morning game of Dobble while the girls wait for the others to join them for breakfast

The children have all had a good night's sleep and are up and getting ready for the day. I have had feedback from Honeypot staff who have said they have been so impressed with the children and how resilient they have been - one of the best groups they have had in a while smiley

Dough making and homemade pizzas for lunch

This morning the children have been discussing the benefits of ingredients which making their own pizza dough. They then have made their own pizzas and had these for lunch. The children enjoyed this task and of course eating their creations. 

Identity - relationships matter

A question posed this morning was 'What does a positive relationship with someone/something look like?' The children discussed this and thought about what this means for them. They then created their own self-portraits. During this task they used their key skills of communicating, confidence, presenting and independence. 

This afternoon we enjoyed hedgehog den building and completing 'the animal in me' session. Whilst doing the den building, we learned different facts about hedgehogs and then used natural resources from the forest area to build a suitable home for them. They spoke about how different materials would work and what would help make the shelters waterproof.


Whilst completing 'the animal in me' task the children explored positive personal characteristics and linked them to being active citizens. The children then explored the characteristics of different animals and the similarities and differences between themselves and the animals. We then used clay to sculpt a hybrid animal that showed some of the characteristics they related to the most. 

Tonight I joined the children for their last activity and dinner. They even shared their ice cream with me. 

25/01/2023 Visit to New Forest Wildlife Park

Otters being fed

Still image for this video
The children got to watch the otters being fed.

Watching the deer

Still image for this video

Watching the deer

Still image for this video

Discussing our ideas for our Wildlife Park

Designing our own Wildlife Park and presenting to the group

We have had such a busy day today visiting the New Forest Wildlife Park and then creating our own park. Before dinner we listened while everyone presented their park to the group. 


Dinner tonight was sausage and mash - delicious! Another day's journal completed. Getting ready for our final night's sleep and waking up to an extra special breakfast with pancakes tomorrow. Miss Cameron can't wait laugh.


See you all tomorrow!!

26/01/2023 A good night's sleep has been had by all. The children have stripped and remade their beds (a new skill for home maybe) and are all ready for their last breakfast.

The children have graduated this morning. Congratulations everyone!

The children are all packed up and have had lunch.


The children and Miss Cameron have all had a wonderful time.